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This Day In Diamondbacks Baseball: August 22

Record (so far!): 5-9 - Home: 3-6 - Road: 2-3

No Diamondback birthdays, but three Hall of Famers were born today: Ned Hanlon, Carl Yastrzemski and Paul Molitor. Given there's less than 300 people inj Cooperstown, that's not bad, though today falls some way short of the record holder, which appears to be May 14th, with five. Of course, today will forever be known as Skaggsday, when people gather together and throw unhittable curve-balls at each other. Random factoid: only one player to appear for the Diamondbacks, made his major-league debut on his birthday. Edwin Jackson turned 20 on the day he started for the Dodgers in 2003 - against Arizona. Oddly of the last 11 such players, nine were pitchers.

  • 2006: The Arizona Diamondbacks traded Shawn Green and cash to the New York Mets for Evan MacLane. Trading for Green in January was not necessarily a bad idea. However, the extension required to get Green to waive his no-trade clause...not so much. Fortunately, we found a willing victim partner in the Mets, who took Green off our hands - and, more importantly, the $13 million or so left on the contract off our books. Sure, we had to chip in about half that in cash, but given Green was exactly replacement level (0.0 bWAR) with the Mets, I think it was worth it.
  • 2007: Brandon Webb allowed a single in the first inning, ending his scoreless inning streak at 42. frames, the 12th-longest in the majors. However, Webb still picked up the win, allowing two runs over seven innings on five hits and a walk with five strikeouts. That improved his record to 14-8, as the Diamondbacks beat the Brewers 3-2 at Chase Field. Arizona hit back immediately in the bottom of the first, with a lead-off homer by Chris Young and a Tony Clark sacrifice fly gave them the lead later in the frame. A Jeff Cirillo groundout in the seventh broke a 2-2 and provided the margin of victory.
  • 2011: The Diamondbacks lost their sixth game in a row, going down 4-1 in Washington. During that streak, they scored a total of seven runs, tying a franchise low last done in July 2003 - and there, they allowed only 10 runs, and went 2-4. No such luck this time, with Henry Blanco's home-run the only damage managed against Ross Detwiler and the Nats. Blanco had another hit, with Ryan Roberts getting a hit and a walk. Joe Saunders took the loss, allowing all four runs on six hits and a trio of walks, over six innings.