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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 19

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A little later than normal, as some statistical corrections had to be factored in by Yahoo, it appears. These are the official final tallies, which may be different from what you saw earlier this morning. It's getting very interesting, with just three weeks of regular play to go. 10.5 points cover 5th-13th places, so any of those teams could make the post-season...or be relegated to Divison 1-A...

AZ SnakePit 6, Los Wailoracles 4
Mizzoula Osprey 3, The Fighting Amish 5
Alabama Slammers 9, Sofa King Juiced 1
Blonde Streaks 6, CompleteGameShutout 4
soco knows 7, MyWieterGetzLongoria 3
Phoenix Platypi 7, Waffles 3
Lil Bitches 4, Ignatius J. Rallies 6

AZ SnakePit 6, Los Wailoracles 4
Los's tactic of playing four short didn't hurt them too badly, thanks to a team ERA of 2.25 and sub-one WHIP. But they were clobbered in most counting categories except Saves, where Balfour notched three. For Snake, Hitter of the Week Swisher had four HR and 11 RBI, backed by Cabrera (two HR, seven R).

Mizzoula Osprey 3, The Fighting Amish 5
The game of the week was a close contest, with SB and Sv ending level. The Osprey hit over .300 and got 16 HR; Ludwick had four, Ramirez three, while Villanueva struck out 12. But the Amish got four HR from Braun, while their pitching saw Garcia strike-out ten and Soriano picked up a trio of Saves.

Alabama Slammers 9, Sofa King Juiced 1
Sofa must be in full on panic mode, being crushed for the third straight week to drop out of a playoff spot. Alabama got four home-runs by Pujols, plus three by Hill, with Fister's Win and 13 K's leading their pitchers. Chen got two W's for the Juiced and Frazier had three HR, but this was one-way traffic.

Blonde Streaks 6, CompleteGameShutout 4
Blonde hit a collective .321 and took all the hitting categories bar HR, where they had only five; Willingam provided a pair of those. Betancourt and Clippard each had three Saves. Jones had three HR for Complete, and Billingsley notched two Wins, but it wasn't enough for Shutout to stave off an upset.

soco knows 7, MyWieterGetzLongoria 3
The biggest surprise, however, was soco's mauling of 3rd-placed Wieter, despite batting .237. DeJesus had three HR and six Runs for the knows. Greinke struck out 13 along with his W and Peavy fanned 12, to counter Moore's W + 14 K effort for the Longoria; Kuroda had two W for them and Trout three HR.

Phoenix Platypi 7, Waffles 3
Phoenix surged into a playoff spot, taking fifth and deposing Waffles out of a post-season space. Jones had two HR and 12 RBI, and they also had Pitcher of the Week Hamels (two W, 15 K) plus three Saves from Johnson. Waffles got two Wins and seven K's by Gonzalez, and a pair of home-runs by Davis.

Lil Bitches 4, Ignatius J. Rallies 6
Lil had a nice, sub-two ERA and 0.67 WHIP, but struggled otherwise, Kershaw's Win and eight strikeouts their best performance. The Rallies got three home-runs from Upton (BJ department), who also drove in eight, while Samardzija led all pitchers here, posting a Win and 16 strikeouts.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. Alabama Slammers 116-64-10 .637 - 9-1-0 6 38
2. Mizzoula Osprey 105-72-13 .587 9.5 3-5-2 14 32
3. MyWieterGetzLongoria 105-76-9 .576 11.5 3-7-0 5 31
4. The Fighting Amish 101-76-13 .566 13.5 5-3-2 12 38
5. Phoenix Platypi 90-88-12 .505 25 7-3-0 13 15
6. Ignatius J. Rallies 88-89-13 .497 26.5 6-4-0 10 37
7. Sofa King Juiced 91-93-6 .495 27 1-9-0 7 48
8. Waffles 86-91-13 .487 28.5 3-7-0 4 27
9. AZ SnakePit 86-93-11 .482 29.5 6-4-0 8 5
10. CompleteGameShutout 79-93-18 .463 33 4-6-0 3 37
11. soco knows 80-96-14 .458 34 7-3-0 11 9
12. Blonde Streaks 81-99-10 .453 35 6-4-0 9 23
13. Lil Bitches 80-99-11 .450 35.5 4-6-0 1 11
14. Los Wailoracles 57-116-17 .345 55.5 4-6-0 2 3

Week 20 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. soco knows
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Los Wailoracles
Alabama Slammers vs. The Fighting Amish
Blonde Streaks vs. Sofa King Juiced
Phoenix Platypi vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Lil Bitches vs. Waffles
Ignatius J. Rallies vs. CompleteGameShutout

Slammers vs. Amish is the ESPN Game of the Week. Both teams look set to have a fairly solid handle on a post-season spot, occupying first and fourth respectively. However, the Amish still have hopes of a top two finish, which would get them a first-round bye in the playoffs.