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Diamondbacks Ups and Downs: Trends for Aug 10-16

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Miggy has the clubhouse in stitches with his Mike Zagurski impression...
Miggy has the clubhouse in stitches with his Mike Zagurski impression...

Good evening, class. With Ms. Charmer unavailable today, I am your Substitute Trender, Mr. McLennan. And you should be aware, that you will not get off quite as easily with me: it takes a little more than a shiny apple to get an up-arrow on my grading curve, I'll have you know. So no talking at the back, sit up straight, and open your textbooks to chapt.... Is that gum? I trust you've brought enough for everyone....

And I'm not in the best of moods either, as the Cardinals just polished off a series win over the Diamondbacks, mirroring the lost series at home to the Nationals. That would leave us 2-4 for the week, Arizona being outscored 33-20. With the offense averaging 3.3 runs per game, and the pitchers allowing five and a half... I hope the players have a note from their parents excusing their absence.

Starting Rotation

Player Trend Notes
Ian Kennedy
A quality start for Ian - but only just, going the minimum six in St. Louis and allowing the maximum three earned runs. The loss leveled his record at 10-10, and he has been involved in the decision, one way or another, for 17 of his last 19 starts
Wade Miley
Miley clearly didn't get the memo about "not sucking at SnakePitFest". Instead, Wade delivered his second-worst outing of the season, allowing nine hits and a walk over 4.1 innings. That resulted in six runs, albeit two unearned, and a loss to the Nats.
Trevor Cahill
This week's two-start pitcher saw his appearance in St. Louis go much better than the one in Phoenix. That continues a trend: Cahill's home ERA this year is 4.97, but on the road it's more than two runs lower, at 2.79.
Joe Saunders
Should probably have come out after the fifth yesterday, when he injured his thumb on a comebacker. from Matt Holiday. Instead, he allowed a pair of insurance runs in the sixth; it was the first time Joe has given up more than four in an outing since May 13.
Patrick Corbin
Another quality start plus for Corbin, throwing seven innings against Washington and holding them to two runs. His ERA is 1.89 over three starts since returning to the rotation, and he looks a much better pitcher this time around, with a lot more poise.


Player Trend Notes
Brad Bergesen
Our long reliever returned as a result of Collmenter's tummy troubles, and made two scoreless appearances, covering 2.2 innings. He allowed a pair hits, two walks and one strikeout.
Bryan Shaw
A Tale Of Two Appearances, by Charles Dickens. "It was the best of relievers. It was the worst of relievers." Shaw struck out all three batters faced in his return from Reno; but then allowed three runs in his next inning. Overall, a 13.50 ERA for the week.
David Hernandez
We didn't see much of Hernandez again, just a pair of appearances, both in the eighth inning with Arizona down by one. Both times, he did the job, putting up a zero, retiring all six batters faced, five by strikeout.
J.J. Putz
This week we had two victories, both of them requiring Putz to close things out in the ninth. One was slightly easier than the other - a three-run lead vs. a one-run edge - but he completed both without major problems or allowing a run.
Mike Zagurski
"By removing the head, or destroying the brain." That's apparently the only way we'll be rid of Zagurski. He was designated for assignment after a 1 IP/4 ER appearance against the Nats, but the injury to Saito brought a miraculous reprieve. Still here...
Brad Ziegler

Factoid of the week. Since June 25th, Brad Ziegler has recorded 24 outs. ONE of them has left the infield. Three scoreless innings this week, all nine outs coming on ground balls. The sole hit allowed was, naturally, also an infield one.
Matt Albers
The anti-Breslow continues to roll,. with a total of 5.2 innings since coming to Arizona, and only an unearned run to show for it. He has allowed two hits and struck out five, but has also walked three.

Starting Lineup

Player Trend Notes
Aaron Hill
Hillraiser fell a triple short of the cycle for the week. He had just four hits, though three were for extra bases (a pair of doubles and a home-run), getting his OPS up to an only marginally-red .688
Jason Kubel
4-for-21 with six strikeouts, and the .887 season OPS for Kubel is the lowest that number has been since July 2nd. Random note: since July 20th, Kubel has driven in 13 runs - all of them with homers.
Miguel Montero
Another stellar week for Montero, not just for batting .375 with three extra-base hits. You can add five walks and a hit by pitch to that, giving him an on-base percentage of .545 for the period in question.
Justin Upton
Remember when we though Upton had turned the corner and was going to carry us to the post-season? Yeah... He went 5-for-22 (.227) with one walk and six strikeouts, so he seems to have gone right round the block.
Paul Goldschmidt

Hitting .208 for the week would normally get you a firm down-arrow, but two of Paul's five hits this week didn't come back. Bonus credit is also awarded for dramatic flair, hitting a game-tying home in the ninth inning tonight.
Gerardo Parra
Hard to say whether he or Young should be in the "starting lineup" section, but Parra did start four times, so we'll give it to him. He hit just about acceptably, going 3-for-12; interestingly, Parra has only one strikeout in his last 25 at-bats, none this week.
Stephen Drew
Still not there at all, Drew went 2-for-15 with a particularly unimpressive nine K's, though got his first triple of the season during the opener in St. Louis. You won't be surprised to hear he was stranded on third.
Chris Johnson
The honeymoon is over for Johnson, who failed to hit any grand slams this week. Indeed, he more or less failed to hit at all, going 1-for-15 with no walks and five K's, over four starts and a pinch-hit pinch-strikeout


Player Trend Notes
Wil Nieves
Nieves was seen only once this week, pinch-hitting in the ninth inning last Friday.
John McDonald
McDonald made one start, going 0-for-4, but did get a hit off the bench. Was scheduled to start tonight, until he was was a late scratch.
Ryan Wheeler
Still coming off the bench more often than he starts, and got an RBI double as a pinch-hitter during SnakePitFest. However, 2-for-10 overall indicates some adjustment is still needed.
Chris Young
As with Goldschmidt, bonus points for a ninth-inning long-ball which was key in avoiding the St. Louis sweep. He went 2-for-8 in limited playing time, but both hits went for extra-bases, and he drew four walks for a .500 OBP
Jake Elmore
Welcome to the big leagues, Mr. Elmore. He got his first plate-appearance at SnakePitFest, and followed up with a late spot start replacing John McDonald tonight, and picked up a pair of hits.

Disabled List

Player Trend Notes
Daniel Hudson
"Got crushed the last two days at rehab! So sore today but made a lot of progress with the arm! As if it's not demoralizing enough lifting one and two pound weights, why do they HAVE to color them pink and purple?!??" Hudson, on Twitter
Takashi Saito
Had a clean outing Friday, but allowed hits to three of four batters faced Sunday, and appeared to suffer a recurrence of the hamstring issue which kept him out the first four months. So he's back on the DL.
Josh Collmenter
Said Gibson, "It just happened after we got off the plane. He went home and got very, very sick." Collmenter apparently has ulcers: watching our bullpen this season. I may have a couple myself, though Josh has been more Maalox than most.
Willie Bloomquist
Bloomquist had been struggling with back problems for a while, and was a late scratch last Thursday after it "locked up". The team decided it was best simply to shut Willie down for a bit, and put him on the DL.
Henry Blanco
The surgery to repair ligaments in his hand went well, but Blanco won't be back for at least six weeks.

Stats run from 8/10-8-16.