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This Day In Diamondbacks Baseball: August 15

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Record: 9-3 - Home: 3-1 - Road: 6-2

  • 1975: Ben Ford born.Who? Well, he pitched eight times for the D-backs in their inaugural season. But it didn't go well, with a 9.98 ERA. Two years later, he showed up in the majors again, this time with the Yankees: ERA there, nine. Finally, another four years down the line, the Brewers used him for 19 games, with a relatively successful 6.38 ERA. But still: a career ERA of 7.80 is among the fifteen worst all-time, among pitchers with more than 13 appearances. He allowed home run #661 to Barry Bonds in 2004, pushing Bonds past Willie Mays on the all-time list.
  • 2001. The Arizona Diamondbacks released Willie Banks. Well, apparently, anyway. I can't find any indication he pitched for us at major- or minor-league levels, so I'm wondering if this is an error on If so this had been Banks' second stint in the desert. He was a member of the D-backs during the first season, arriving in a trade with the Yankees. However, after kicking around with the Mets he re-signed here before the 2001 season. His MLB career ended in 2002, but seems he was still playing professionally as recently as 2010. It's a poignant story.
  • 2006: One game not enough for you? Why not go for two? That's effectively what happened here. as the D-backs downed the Rockies, 2-1, after an 18-inning marathon at Coors Field. Miguel Batista allowed one run in six innings, and the bullpen held Colorado scoreless for the next 12, until Luis Gonzalez drove in the game-winning run. an RBI single scoring Eric Byrnes. Byrnes and Chad Tracy each had three hits, and Conor Jackson two, while Brandon Medders pitched three hitless innings and got the win for the Diamondbacks.
  • 2011: A day off for the Diamondbacks, but they still managed to make some headway, as the Giants lost 5-4 to the Braves in Atlanta. The defeat extended Arizona's lead over them to 2.5 games.