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Pit Your Wits Week 18: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Wins

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So, yeah, Pit Your Wits. It is a thing, should you forget. Last week was... lightly attended, so to speak. Could have been bad timing, could be that people forgot how to spell "Diamondbacks", could have been the wonderfulness of a blowout loss to the Pirates that distracted everyone, who knows?

But I was faced with a scoring quandary. If I award points in the normal way, technically speaking the third place winner would be someone with no recs, would that just be like handing out participation ribbons? My answer: Yes, but I'll do it anyway. That'll learn ya'll.

But no fancy medal ceremony, I have to draw the line somewhere (And that line is: I'm writing this in the early morning, and that thing can be really really hard to format correctly).

Here is last week's thread. You can view each individual entry there.

FIRST PLACE: piratedan7, 2 recs.

SECOND PLACE: SenSurround, blank_38, CaptainCanuck, Rockkstarr12, 1 rec.

THIRD PLACE: imstillhungry95, 0 recs.

Anyone who's done improv can tell you that saying anything, even if it's the most wrong thing ever and the National Guard has to be called in, is better than saying nothing and letting things awkwardly die. That's the lesson here.

Here are the updated standings:

Person Points
kishi 30
blank_38 26
SenSurround 21
Bryn21 18
luckycc 16
soco 15
imstillhungry95 15
piratedan7 15
NonPartisan 9
Zavada's Moustache 8
jjwaltrip 6
aclaritymaven 6
Fangdango 6
Rockkstarr12 6
hotclaws 5
Diamondhacks 5
Jim McLennan 3
CaptainCanuck 3
BulldogsNotZags 1
PR151 1
jinnah 1
since98 1
4 Corners Fan 1

This week's "challenge" (non-surreptitious quotes intentional), was inspired by an actual dream I had a few weeks back. I can only summarize it as such:

Stephen Drew records and releases a novelty Halloween song, and the nice folks at the D'Backs decide to hold a release party at Chase Field. (As a side note: The song in question, as I recall it, was somebody rapping over the opening riff of "Invisible Touch" by Genesis. Remember, this is Stephen Drew we're talking about.) Anyway, this being a Halloween song, there was a lyric that was something along the lines of "Zombie walk out of the building you are in and do it on the street." (My subconscious is no Bob Dylan as far as being a lyricist.), so people at said party do, and there is a bit of a panic in downtown Phoenix.

So, I want you, the reader, to relate to us the strangest D'Backs related dream you've had (And by strangest I don't mean something like "I HAD A DREAM THAT THIS YEAR'S TEAM WON THE WORLD SERIES". That is in the category of "Awesome" and not "Strange"). It has to at least have some vague connection to the team and/or a past or current player on the team.

Now, since the patent is still pending on my Dreamscaper Scanner device, I can't really call you out if you're lying or exaggerating a bit too much, but I will ask nicely that you keep your dreams to ones you've actually had while sleeping. Really, all that's at stake is your personal integrity, and if you got six PYW points that you didn't earn, it will gnaw at you for the rest of your life until the guilt finally forces you to actually record a rap over "Invisible Touch". Nobody wants that, trust me.

Rec the ones you like, and... get to it!