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SnakePitFest Season Tickets Available

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Here's the list of available tickets for the next homestand. As usual, first come first served, but there is a change in pick-up locations, as we've moved offices and are now longer working by Chase Field. If you're out on the West of Phoenix, pick-up can be arranged at SnakePit Towers (McDowell and 91st Ave); if you're East side, you can collect them after noon from Wed-Sat, at our new offices (Washington + Priest). Failing that, we can drop 'em in the post, but I prefer the personal approach. :)

  • Monday, August 20 vs. Marlins (6:40pm) - deerhaven
  • Wednesday, August 22 vs. Marlins (6:40pm) - this is the night-cap of the first ever Chase Field double-header! - BattleMoses
  • Friday, August 24 vs. Padres (6:40pm) - grimmy01
  • Sunday, August 26 vs. Padres (1:10pm) - edbigghead
  • Tuesday, August 28 vs. Reds (6:40pm) - Marc Fournier