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Gameday Thread, #115: 8/12 vs. Nationals

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Ross Detwiler
LHP, 6-4, 2.99


Patrick Corbin
LHP, 3-4, 3.53

The fat lady might just be clearing her throat for the 2012 Diamondbacks season, as they find themselves needing to win this afternoon, to avoid both a sweep at the hands of the Nationals, and falling back below .500. It could also, depending on how the Giants do (and since they're playing the Rockies, I wouldn't bet on them falling short), leave Arizona six games back in the NL West. With 47 games left to play, that's not insurmountable. It is, however, not exactly easy to surmount either. The .500 ball or thereabouts we've been seeing recently - 18-19 since the start of July - is simply not going to be good enough.

Line-up and stuff after the jump. I'll be guest recapping. Maybe I should do it in a funny voice, for variety.

  1. Chris Young CF
  2. Aaron Hill 2B
  3. Jason Kubel LF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Justin Upton RF
  6. Miguel Montero C
  7. Chris Johnson 3B
  8. John McDonald SS
  9. Patrick Corbin P

Corbin has given Arizona a pair of quality starts after returning to the rotation, allowing two runs in 12 innings, with a K:BB ratio of 12:5. This'll be his first appearance in a home game since his resurrection, and he'll need to be on form to keep in check a Nationals team which has already shown an ability to put up a big inning before a starter knows what hit them. Oh, and if he could strike out Bryceypoo a few more times, no-one here would object.