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Diamondbacks 8, Dodgers 2: Wade Miley Made Wiley by Dodgers Hitters

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Let's just pretend this was taken at the Dodgers game tonight, since no photos are available yet and I want to go to bed. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Let's just pretend this was taken at the Dodgers game tonight, since no photos are available yet and I want to go to bed. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Record: 53-51. Pace: 83-79. Change on last year: -4.

It's a bit silly, but every series now feels a bit "must win." With only 2 months left in the season, the Diamondbacks have to start making up ground in the division. Third place isn't going to be good enough for even a Wild Card play-in, they need to make their move. And wouldn't you know, they're playing the division leading team, which means every win makes up more ground.

The D-backs won last night, and you can already tell by the recap's title that they won tonight. How'd they do it? Well, a little bit of multiple run homers, a lot of great Wade Miley, and maybe a little luck. Details after the jump.

For awhile it seemed like the first inning would be the only bit of offense we'd get to see. Jason Kubel got on base with a two out walk to set-up Paul Goldschmidt, who does what Paul Goldschmidts do and homered to give the D-backs a quick 2-0 lead. The Dodgers responded in the bottom part of the frame, though, with a solo home run of their own courtesy of Mark Ellis.

After this the two starters seemed to settle down, with Chris Capuano and Wade Miley trading zeroes until the 6th. One again, Goldschmidt was at the center of things, getting things going with a two out single. Justin Upton chipped in with a single of his own, setting the plate for Miguel Montero, who has been awful hot as of late. He flew out earlier in the game with a 3-0 count, but he vindicated himself this time around by launching a 3 run homer into the right field bullpen.

Tacos were earned in the 9th when the Los Angeles Derpers lived up to their name. It started when Derpy Hairston Jr somehow threw a ball backwards into the stands on a Chris Young single, awarding him an extra two bases. Jason Kubel was then intentionally walked to set-up a double play, except that then Paul Goldschmidt walked. Justin Upton hit into a fielder's choice, but it brought in Chris Young. It didn't get any better from there, with Miguel Montero taking a walk to load the bases for the second time in the inning. Chris Johnson didn't hit another grand slam, but he did shoot one up the middle to bring in two more. The inning might have kept going, too, if Miggy hadn't been thrown out lallygagging it to third.

Back to the game at hand. Wade Miley sure has rebounded after that little post All-Star bump. He went 8 innings, only allowed 3 hits and 1 walk with 7 strikeouts. It's hard to say it any differently: Wade Miley was a stud tonight. I was kind of expecting a letdown after yesterday's shellacking, but Miley was more than up to the task to slam the door shut.

Chris Capuano didn't do so bad if you discount the two home runs. Unfortunately for him, the two home runs not only counted but each came with at least one guy on base. Otherwise he went 6 IP with 6 strikeouts, on 6 hits and 3 walks.

Source: FanGraphs

Top Banana: Wade Miley (26%)

Banana Splits: Paul Goldschmidt (25.1%), Miguel Montero (20.7%)

Bananas not even good enough to make bread with: Aaron Hill (-5.5%)

Plantains: Chris Young (-5%), Stephen Drew (-3.2%)

Fairly busy GDT tonight. Was it the Kirk Gibson bobblehead giveaway, or the botched Olympics coverage forcing people to watch a real sport? We'll never know, but we do know that we racked up almost 900 comments during the course of the game. $-The Moneyman-$ took top prize, and was joined in the Century Club by imstillhungry95. They were joined by: Roll Call: Bcawz, soco, Riskman96, Augdogs, asteroid, Clefo, blank_38, Fangdango, Rockkstarr12, onedotfive, txzona, Tucson d-back fan, hotclaws, rd33, dbacks79, benhat, deerhaven, rfffr, Murricles, tsbass180, CaptainCanuck, SongBird, Zavada's Moustache, PR151, marionette, CoachD11, Marc Fournier, Turambar, and kishi.

Comment of the Day also goes to the $-The Moneyman-$ (I should also note that he just pulled off what might be the first Snakepit Triple Crown - he also suggested the recap title), mainly because I'm easily bribed. Context is that Moneyman is cheating on the Snakepit:

Let this day

The 31st of July, in the year of our Lord 2012, be always remembered as the day that the Moneyman virtually jilted an entire blog.

-Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself.

by $-The Moneyman-$ on Aug 1, 2012 12:30 AM EDT up reply actions 3 recs

So the D-backs have the series win, and go for a sweep tomorrow. They're slowly climbing out of the hole towards first. I honestly never thought I'd see that, not since maybe May. Tomorrow is an early game, with a first pitch time of 11:45am Arizona time. Perfect for the Brits amongst us, and the students, not so fun for the rest of us. Be here, or somewhere else.