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Gameday Thread, #97: 7/24 vs. Rockies


Edwar Cabrera,
LHP, 0-1, 19.29


Joe Saunders
LHP, 4-6, 3.58

This one was going to be started by Drew Pomeranz, but he was scratched by the Rockies due to arm soreness [doesn't seem serious, he should be back to face the Reds this weekend]. Instead, we'll be facing Cabrera - and, yes, that is his first name, there's no missing second D. He'll also be making his second appearance in the majors, and as you can tell from that ERA, the first one didn't exactly go so well. Washington tagged him for seven hits, three walks and five earned runs in 2.1 innings of work at Coors Field, and I'm hoping the Diamondbacks offense can continue their tear against the n00b tonight.

Don't forget, if you Tweet about the game, or the team, use #dbacksconfidence as your hashtag, so we can pick up for possible inclusion on the 'Pit. I'll be at the game, and Tweeting for as long as my battery holds out... Line-up for the first game of the post-Roberts era after the jump.

  1. Willie Bloomquist 3B
  2. Aaron Hill 2B
  3. Jason Kubel LF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Justin Upton RF
  6. Miguel Montero C
  7. Chris Young CF
  8. Stephen Drew SS
  9. Joe Saunders P

The team have done a much better job of hitting against left-handed starters of late - their record in those games is now a respectable 18-16. That seems to be about right, given their OPS against LH starters is .774, fifteen points better than against their less sinister counterparts. They appear to be tearing it up against southpaw relievers though, as Arizona's OPS against southpaws in general is .819, a good deal better than the .740 put up against all right-handed pitchers. Tonight should be a chance to improve both stats, but an unknown left-handed starter has the faint odor of a trap game. Be nice to get back above .500 though.