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Gameday Thread, #96: 7/23 vs. Rockies


Jonathan Sanchez
LHP, 0-0, N/A


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 7-8, 4.33

Strikes me that it'd be kind fun if they played a major-league game between these two teams at Salt River Fields, just for the fun of it. Of course, mid-July probably would not be the best time for it: there's a reason we build that nice air-conditioned stadium, and that's where this series is, quite sensibly, taking place. We face the Rockies, who now find themselves dead last in the NL West, 3.5 back of the Padres, and in possession of the 29th-best record in the major-leagues, on pace for a record of 62-100. Which would be, by five games, the worst mark in franchise history. LOLRockies. Still, their help in getting us over .500 this week will be welcome.

Line-up after the jump.

  1. Willie Bloomquist SS
  2. Aaron Hill 2B
  3. Jason Kubel LF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Justin Upton RF
  6. Miguel Montero C
  7. Chris Young CF
  8. Ryan Roberts 3B
  9. Ian Kennedy P

Was the trade of Sanchez for Melky Cabrera the worst of the off-season? From the Royals point of view, of course: they got a pitcher so bad, he ended up being basically given away, and gave the Giants an All-Star who is a good part of their lead in the NL West (4.1 fWAR to date). That the Rockies saw fit to pick up Sanchez tells you a lot about their rotation, which has a record of 17-43 with a 6.23 ERA. Not just bad, but epically terrible. Well, as long as Sanchez continues to suck for one more night - and that seems a likely outcome - we'll be down with it.