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SnakePit Season Tickets Available!

Nice, ten-game homestand coming up, and so we've got a batch of SnakePit season tickets, courtesy of our generous anonymous donor, to give away to posters here. Two baseline reserve seats are available for each of the following games. First come, first served and free with no strings, as ever - delivery to be worked out. Wed-Sat games can be picked up from the offices near Chase where I work, other games can be mailed, collected from SnakePit Towers or alternative arrangements made:

  • Saturday, July 21st: 5.10pm vs. Houston
  • Monday, July 23rd: 6.40pm vs. Colorado
  • Wednesday, July 25th: 6.40pm vs. Colorado
  • Friday, July 27th: 6:40pm vs. Mets
  • Sunday, July 29th: 1:10pm vs. Mets [Mrs. SnakePit is playing Ka-chingko that day!]