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All-Star Gameday Thread: 7/10 vs. AL

Matt Cain
LHP, 9-3, 2.62

Justin Verlander
RHP, 9-5, 2.58

The National League and American League go up against each other, with a scheduled start time of 5pm Arizona. However, from previous experience, I'm guessing it probably won't quite be start on the dot: there's more pre-event ceremony than for anything since the Yalta Conference. Still, we'll get the thread up an hour in advance. The NL has now won two in a row, after the AL went undefeated from 1997-2009, and now leads the overall record 42-38 with two ties. For the third time in four years, the NL starter comes out of the NL and is not a D-back. Mind you, we provided them all from 1999-2002, and Webb should probably have started as well.

Line-ups after the jump. Will Wade Miley get into the game? How the heck did San Francisco end up with four starters? And remember, folks: "This time, it counts." Hopefully, St. Buster will deliver, so the D-backs can enjoy home field advantage in the World Series. 'Cos that'd be sweet.

National League American League
  1. Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado, DH
  2. Melky Cabrera, San Francisco, CF
  3. Ryan Braun*, Milwaukee, LF
  4. Joey Votto, Cincinnati, 1B
  5. Carlos Beltran, St. Louis RF
  6. Buster Posey, San Francisco C
  7. Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco 3B
  8. Dan Uggla, Atlanta 2B
  9. Rafael Furcal, St. Louis SS
    + Matt Cain, P
  1. Derek Jeter, New York SS
  2. Robinson Cano, New York 2B
  3. Josh Hamilton, Texas LF
  4. Jose Bautista, Toronto RF
  5. Prince Fielder, Detroit 1B
  6. Adrian Beltre, Texas 3B
  7. David Ortiz, Boston DH
  8. Mike Napoli, Texas C
  9. Curtis Granderson, New York CF
    + Justin Verlander, Detroit RH