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Pick 6 T-shirt Contest Update

This week
Daily best
Player Pts
1 Dbacks928 65.6
2 PhoenixFly 54.1
3 walleye01 49.9
4 Jim McLennan 49.1
5 azsportsfan31 47.7

Player Pts
1 BattleMoses 160.0
2 Dbacks928 159.0
3 PR151 140.7
4 blank_38 137.5
5 grimmy01 133.1
Player Pts
1 BattleMoses 79.2
2 Dbacks928 72.1
3 Dbacks928 65.6
4 PR151 61.2
5 blank_38 60.7

Jason Heyward's 26 points gave Dbacks928 their second score good enough for the top five this week, and moves them up from fifth to second, a mere one point behind BattleMoses, whose 14th-placed finish on the day was just enough to keep them on top. A late start today, with games not getting under way until 4pm, so plenty of time to get in your choices: three days left before the last pair of T-shirts are given away., but all it takes is for you to top BattleMoses and his daily score and its yours....