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Pick 6 T-Shirt Contest Update

This week
Daily best
Player Pts
1 blank_38 57.7
2 GuruB 54.0
3 walleye01 52.2
4 PR151 49.4
5 BattleMoses 47.9

Player Pts
1 PR151 131.2
2 BattleMoses 127.1
3 blank_38 122.3
4 Angry_Saguaro 94.0
5 Dbacks928 93.4
Player Pts
1 BattleMoses 79.2
2 Dbacks928 72.1
3 PR151 61.2
4 blank_38 60.7
5 Angry_Saguaro 59.8

Well, normal service has been resumed: after my semi-decent performances of the past couple of days, I went right back to my usually wretched score, with my best player scoring a massive 1.0 point, as I came 1,337nd out of 1342 in the SB Nation. No such problems for blank_38: Allen Craig led his team to the best 'Pit tally, good for 28th overall. They move in to 3rd: the leader and runner-up after yesterday, PR151 and BattleMoses, also posted top-five finishes, and retain their positions on top of the weekly board. There was no change in the daily best leaders.

Today's games start at 10am, so get your picks in, if you have not already done so.