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Gameday Thread, #57: 6/6 vs. Rockies

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Josh Outman
LHP, 0-1, 5.62


Wade Miley
LHP, 6-2, 2.72

Arizona face another left-handed starter tonight, an area in which they have struggled all season. Indeed, if it was only our record against righties that mattered, the D-backs would be second in the NL West, with their record above .500 at 18-17. Unfortunately, against those pesky sinister-sided hurlers, Arizona are 8-13. The good news? The Rockies aren't a lot better, at 7-10, and we'll be sending one of our southpaws up tonight, in the shape of Wade Miley. Big shoes to fill, in the light of last night's thoroughly impressive performance from Arizona.

Line-up after the jump. Yes, there are changes. No, they're maybe not what you expect...

  1. A.J. Pollock LF
  2. Ryan Roberts 3B
  3. Chris Young CF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Aaron Hill 2B
  7. Gerardo Parra RF
  8. John McDonald SS
  9. Wade Miley.P

So, Jason Kubel is benched, with paternity-leave replacement Pollock (added to the roster in place of Lyle Overbay) playing in left instead. No Willie Bloomquist either, McDonald replacing him. And Justin Upton still sits on the bench. - see Nick P's story for more on that. Still, if the team plays as well as they did last night, it probably won't matter too much. Be nice to win a home series - it'll actually be our second in a row, having beaten the Brewers the last time we were at Chase. S'funny, it doesn't feel like it....