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Diamondbacks Ups and Downs: Trends for May 30 - June 5

Ceeeeeeeelebrate good times, come on! (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
Ceeeeeeeelebrate good times, come on! (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The USS Diamondbacks ship is still afloat, for now. It has evened its keel, not only going 3-3 on the short road trip but having gone 4-2 since we last checked in. Let's see how many crewmen are on the fast track to success and who's below decks scrubbin' floors.

Read on to see how all the Diamondbacks have done this past week.

Starting Rotation

Player Trend Notes
Ian Kennedy
Two really fabulous starts by Ian this past week, pitching into the 8th inning in San Francisco, and throwing six shutout innings last night against the Rockies. It was only a short outing due to pitch count; he was dominant, and struck out 12.
Wade Miley
Miley took the loss last week in San Diego, but the basic line score doesn't do Miley's outing justice. Wade pitched really well, he only allowed one run in the 3rd inning and began the 8th at under 80 pitches, but he hit a brick wall known as Momentum. The Padres scored six runs in the 8th, and three of them were Miley's baserunners.
Daniel Hudson
Hudson's ERA continues to drop, after another solid outing, his second since coming off the DL. In fact, Saturday's win is only Hudson's second of the season. He threw eight really strong innings, allowing only two runs on five hits and striking out five Padres.
Trevor Cahill
If Trevor Cahill can pitch more games like he did Sunday against the Padres, then... well, then good things would happen, because Cahill was fabulous. He kept the Padres hitters off balance and flat out dominated them with really great sinking stuff (though not yet Brandon Webb-esque) and threw a 6-hit complete game shutout for the win. Cahill's best stuff seems to come and go, though... but if he can harness it regularly... man, he'll be a good pitcher for the Diamondbacks.
Joe Saunders
Joe had a bit of bad luck Monday when he faced Colorado. It's not his fault his offense provided him with zero runs of support. He technically threw a "quality start", only allowing three earned runs (one unearned) and pitching into the 7th inning; it's about what you expect from your #5 starter.


Player Trend Notes
Craig Breslow
Breslow only had one appearance this week, and that was to bail Joe Saunders out of a jam on Monday. Which he did on one pitch. That gets a thumb's up from me.
Josh Collmenter
Collmenter pitched two easy innings in last night's win against the Rockies, striking out three. ERA going down, stock going up.
David Hernandez
I'm not sure what's up with David Hernandez this year, but every now and then he runs into really rough outings. He earned the save Wednesday in San Francisco, but in the loss in San Diego, he was, for lack of a better word, horrible. His inherited runner scored, all four batters he faced reached base, and three of them scored. I only give him a "steady" mark here because the save last week evens out some of his poor performance in SD.
J.J. Putz
J.J. tweaked his neck and couldn't pitch in San Francisco, but got the save in San Diego. He seems to be back to "good J.J." *knocks on wood*
Bryan Shaw
Oh Bryan, what are we going to do with you? You entered the San Francisco game (my game, the only one I could attend) tied in the 8th, but you allowed two hits, two walks, and two runs in taking the loss. Then on Monday you came in for mop-up duty and, despite two baserunners, at least had a scoreless inning. At this moment, I am unsure where you belong...
Mike Zagurski
Zagurski didn't do so well the week before, pitching pretty poorly in the 6th inning in a game against Milwaukee, but he pitched a clean 9th inning last night against the Rockies.
Brad Ziegler
Brad seems to be the guy Gibson goes to in emergency situations, and most of the time he earns that. He did fine in San Francisco, and had a nice clean 8th inning in the loss on Monday... however, in San Diego, he allowed two of his inherited runners (from Hernandez) to score, and that's pretty rare for him. Overall, I'd say he came out even.

Starting Lineup

Player Trend Notes
Willie Bloomquist
Willie! Continuing to kill it at the plate, getting nine hits and a walk in the last five games for a .409 average, though most of those were just singles. He only scored two of the 10 times he was on base, though that's not entirely in his control. And he was only caughts stealing once!
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts is back to platooning with Josh Bell, starting in four of the six games this past week. He is hitting better, a .313 clip with only two strikeouts and no double play balls. It's better than he did the week before!
Justin Upton
The All Mighty Justin is struggling mightily. Justin has only two hits and one walk in his last four games. He sat out Saturday's game in San Diego and last night's game against the Rockies. Everybody knows he's not himself in terms of performance right now.
Miguel Montero
The $60 million dollar man will be just fine, thank you. Miggy is en fuego, getting six hits (.353), three walks, three RBIs, and a key home run in Saturday's win against the Padres. He's raised his season average to .256.
Chris Young
Young was 0-for-11 (with five walks) this past week until last night, when he went 2-for-4. We all knew CY wasn't going to hit .400 when he first came back from the DL, but his struggles have gone on a little long...
Gerardo Parra
Parra had an interesting week: he was hitting only .188, yet the home run and RBIs in San Diego were key pieces to those wins. Then you consider last night, when he went 4-for-5 with another home run. He'll likely get another start, with Gibson planning on resting Upton a while longer.
Paul Goldschmidt
GOLLLLLLLLLLDSCHMIDT! Paul is riding a 13-game hit streak, hitting .404 / .481 / .809 in that two week span. And yes,of course he hit another home run off of Tim Lincecum in San Francisco. (The Giants should just hand over the pink slip already...) Goldy had 8 hits last week, three home runs and four RBIs. He, too, is en fuego.
Aaron Hill
I'm a bit worried about Hill and his offence right now; he had as many hits last night (3-for-5, nearly hitting for the cycle) than he did the previous five games. It isn't that he's striking out a lot or hurting the team with double plays... he's just not doing much of anything, including productive outs. However, he's not taking his bat into the field with him - his defense has been Web Gem worthy.


Player Trend Notes
Josh Bell
.200 seems to be Bell's magic number, because that's what he's hit his past three games; his season average is only .185; his defense is still a little suspect.
Henry Blanco
Back to the bench goeth you, kind sir. Blanco was 0-for-4 when he caught Joe Saunders in Monday's loss.
Jason Kubel
I don't think of Jason Kubel as a bench player, it's just that I can't put 10 position players up above, sorry! In Kubel's three starts before last night, he had donuts: hitting .000, 0-for-11, though he did have a sacrifice fly. Then along comes Jeremy Guthrie and Kubel decides to nearly hit for the cycle too. (Wouldn't that have been neat, two teammates getting the cycle in the same game!) Kubel was 3-for-5 and had five RBIs (that's half of Arizona's runs) in last night's win. Still.... one game does not a green arrow make...
John McDonald
McDonald isn't awful, per se, it's just that Bloomquist is better right now. Although, it wasn't his best week; poor Johnny, had one pinch hit appearance in San Francisco and one start in San Diego, combined going 0-for-5. Zeros completely across the board.
Lyle Overbay
Overbay sat while Goldschmidt was on his tear, though Goldy got a rest last night as Gibson played the matchups. Overbay went 1-for-4 plus a walk against Guthrie.

Disabled List

Player Trend Notes
Geoff Blum
Blum's own Twitter update says he's feeling no pain in his oblique as he resumes baseball activities. He is eligible to return in about 10 days; no word yet on any proposed or scheduled rehab assignments.
Stephen Drew
Now there's a touchy subject. After a bit of a rest last week, Drew returned to Extended Spring Training games to try to play back-to-back full games in the field. He will finally begin his rehab assignment with the AAA Reno Aces (joining Takashi Saito - see below) beginning Thursday. (Bonus: the Aces happen to be playing Tucson this weekend, and several Snake Pitters are going to the game Friday to see Trevor Bauer pitch.)
Takashi Saito
Saito finally began his rehab assignment! He threw one inning while with Reno in Las Vegas, giving up only one walk but no hits. He threw 7 of his 11 pitches for strikes.

Stats run from 5/30-6/5.