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Pick 6 T-shirt Contest Update.

Player Pts
1 Jim McLennan 31.4
2 AzDbackfanInDc 31.1
3 PR151 20.6
4 piratedan7 19.3
5 grimmy01 19.0

Well, would you look at that? Obviously, it won't last - with such a small slate of games, my score is going to be very easily beaten. But after the times where I've finished last, it's nice to be back on top for a day! Jarrod Parker was my home-boy, and I'm growing increasingly in the belief that it just isn't worth picking a high-budget starting pitcher for your team. Seems you're better off getting a cheap starter (ideally, one who is facing a weak opponent, though I didn't exactly follow that rule myself!), and spending the money elsewhere. Hey, worked for me yesterday!

Late slate of games today, hence the late posting, which works out nicely with the other stuff on the 'Pit today. You've still got an hour to get in your selections for that, and see if you can dethrone me! As usual, all Pick 6 T-shirt contest contestants, today and all days, are subject to the official rules.