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MLB Draft Diamondbacks and Open Thread: Day 2

SECAUCUS, NJ - JUNE 07:  MLB commissioner Bud Selig speaks during the MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7, 2010 held in Studio 42 at the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
SECAUCUS, NJ - JUNE 07: MLB commissioner Bud Selig speaks during the MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7, 2010 held in Studio 42 at the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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The second day of the draft is under way, and hopefully, it should take a little less than 3 1/2 hours for the Diamondbacks to make a move today. Rounds 2--15 take place today, so I'll be updating this thread with information on the team's choices as they make then, starting with their second-round pick, which is #90 overall. Obviously, the amount of data here will largely be related to whatever Google picks up, so let's just hope we don't select anyone called "John Smith". Probably cover the first ten rounds or so, and any other interesting nuggets of information that might result.

Please feel free to post any links, etc. in the comments and I'll fold them in too.

Round 2 (#90): Jose Munoz (SS), Los Altos HS, CA
First thought is that this is another high-upside, high-risk pick, and seems a bit of a reach at this point - he didn't go until #206 in the Minor League Ball mock draft. BB Prospect Report said in February, "If you get a little bit more pop out of this guy in the coming years, then I expect the glove, arm, and speed will be enough to create a solid all-around package. I also think he’s growing into that body, which accounts for some of the awkward actions. He’ll smooth out as he grows" Here's MLB's scouting report on him.

Round 3 (#120): Jake Barrett (RHP), Arizona State, AZ
Did you know Jake Barrett went to Arizona State. Per, "He's emerging as one of the hardest-throwing arms from the college crop.Getting body comps to big relievers like Heath Bell and Jonathan Broxton, Barrett can flat-out bring it. He has the stuff to be a starter -- a role he fills in college -- with the plus fastball, a slider and a changeup. But his size to go along with a maximum effort delivery and spotty command have many believing he'll be in the back end of a bullpen as a reliever. A team could send him out as a starter in order to let him work on his pitches, but with a fastball that hits the upper-90s and the kind of aggressive mentality you like to see in a short reliever, he could move more quickly in a bullpen role.": Here's their full report. The general consensus is Barrett could have been a first-round pick, so looks like a good snag in the third by Arizona.

Round 4 (#153): Chuck Taylor (CF), Mansfield Timberview HS, TX
Goddamnit, Diamondbacks. Y U keep picking high-schoolers with common names? Sorry, I've got absolutely nothing on him, and neither does anywhere else I can find... [Update] JGreen31 dug up some stuff in the comments; seems Taylor was also the high-school QB, and signed a letter of intent late last year to play at UT Arlington. The report on him then from coach Darin Thomas was, "He is a very, very athletic outfielder. He has had a tremendous career as a high school quarterback for a very successful Mansfield Timberview team. We are very happy to get him - that he has chosen baseball over football. I think he has a big future in the game." sonic b found a 2010 report, describing Taylor as having a "good looking swing, quick hands, ball comes off barrel hard, more rotational right handed, simple contact approach. Athleticism to keep improving." We'll see if we sign him.

Round 5 (#183): Ronnie Freeman (C), Kennesaw State, GA
Yes, another offensive-minded catcher. MLB calls him "A a good power-hitting college catcher who isn't a bad defender, either. Freeman has shown he is capable of being a middle-of-the-order bat this season at Kennesaw State by driving in runs and showing off his above-average power. He has good strike-zone discipline and has shown the ability to draw walks consistently. Defensively, he has a decent arm but doesn't have the quickness behind the plate that you want out a catcher. He should have the ability to stay behind the plate in pro ball, and this, combined with his power potential, should make him a valuable prospect in the Draft." Baseball America's summary was, "Solid catcher with a good bat and some plus power." and College Baseball Daily had him at #89 in their college rankings last October.

Round 6 (#213): Jacob Lamb (3B), Washington, WA
Here's a scouting video. And he's also on Twitter.

And continuing the social media theme, here's a July 2011 report on him I found on Facebook:

I’ve seen YD play four times and each time I’m impressed and confused by Jacob Lamb... Watching Lamb take batting practice and infield warm-ups leaves me impressed and watching him during the game leaves me confused. In BP, Lamb barrels everything thrown at him and sprays line drives to all fields. .. His potential shines through in BP as he uses his quick bat speed to hit one loud line drive after another. I just haven't heard "that" sound during a game. Clearly, he's not the first amateur hitter to suffer from this same problem.

At the hot corner, Lamb has soft hands, charges the bunt well, and makes strong accurate throws across the diamond although his lateral movement needs to improve for his defensive game to reach its full potential. Jacob Lamb will be draft eligible next summer. His fundamental tools already make him an interesting prospect. If he fully taps into his power he'll transform himself from "merely" an interesting prospect to a truly exciting player.

Round 7 (#243): Andrew Velazquez (SS), Fordham Prep School, NY
He has been writing a blog for the NY Post about his prep baseball life, and recently wrote, "It's not hard for a small guy like myself to be a nobody to these kinds of scouts. Therefore, teams will have their own opinion on each player they see. Some will like you, some will dislike you, some will love you. This leads to my biggest point about the draft: You don't need thirty teams to like you in order to get drafted, you only need one!" Guess the Diamondbacks were the one! Velasquez was described as "a five-tool switch-hitting shortstop," but was previously a center-fielder as well. Virginia Tech was previously his destination.

Hat tip to sonic b for finding this report. "Short athletic build, compact strength. 6.55 runner, defensively, quick feet, soft hands, can play both SS and 2B, charges the ball aggressively, probably profiles best at second base in the future. Has played centerfield in the past, plus defender at that position but more future value at second base. Switch hitter, equal ability both sides, good balanced set up, gets loaded, quick hands, short path to the ball, good bat speed, has some lift on his pitch, polished hitter who performs in games. Nice all around tools and the ability to play the game." Here's his swing from the left side of the plate:

Round 8 (#273): Evan Marzilli (CF), South Carolina, SC
"Good wheels, good defense, questionable bat," says sonic b, and that would appear to be a good summary of the consensus on this one. And hey can jump. Boy, can he jump:

Round 9 (#303): Jeff Gibbs (RHP), University of Maine, ME
Well, someone's high on Gibbs, saying "He might be a bit of a reach in round 1 but I could so see the Giants drafting him in round 2 or 3. He would be a steal in round 5." The fact that he was still here in round nine suggests that opinion is very much a minority one. Still, it's about all I could find in the way of a report. "He throws 97 MPH! Well, he actually uses an easier motion to sit at 92-94 MPH and gets more movement in that range, but he dials it up to 97 when he has to. He also has a drop-off-the-table breaking ball that generates swings and misses. He is reportedly hard at work this fall on a changeup that he plans to use more in the spring games." Here's a good long video of Gibbs in action, so you can decide for yourself.

And with that, we end the formal draft coverage, because I'm off to work on some other stuff,. watch a movie and then head in to town for the game tonight. Check out the comments for further info and chat, and we'll fold this in to the Pick 6 thread tomorrow, as the lower rounds go through.