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SnakePit Season Tickets

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The next batch are up for grabs as below

  • Monday, June 4 vs. Colorado: 6.40pm
  • Wednesday, June 6 vs. Colorado: 6.40pm - ijwillard81
  • Saturday, June 9 vs. Oakland: 7:10pm - jjwaltrip

These are lower-level seats, first-come first-served, and are absolutely free, thanks to the kind generosity of our sponsor. Simply post a claim in the comments. Wed + Sat can be picked up pre-game from my office, a couple of blocks from Chase. However, I won't be there Monday, so that game might be easiest for a West-sider, who can swing by SnakePit Towers on Sunday or Monday and collect them, or we can drop them off if you're somewhere on this side of town.