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SnakePit Season Tickets Available For Next Home Stand!

Time to hand out tickets for the next batch of home-games [where the D-backs have been completely invincible, of course], generously donated to the 'Pit by a very kind ticket-holder. Two lower-level tickets are available for each of the following, with all games are 6:40 pm.

  • Monday July 2nd vs. Padres
  • Wednesday July 4th vs. Padres
  • Friday July 6th vs. Dodgers

First come, first served as usual. Friday's can be picked up from my job, Monday and Wednesday... Well, I'm not working either day, so you can either pick them up from downtown at some point between now and Saturday, get them from SnakePit Towers on the west side, or we can mail them to you [prefer the former options, but can handle the latter].