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What Happened To Daron Sutton? There Are Theories...

It has been reported by both credible and not-so-credible-that-I-will-not-dignify-with-a-link sources that D'Backs TV broadcaster Daron Sutton has been suspended for an undetermined length of time. What may have caused this? With so little in the way of facts known by the public, rampant speculation has taken to the various corner of the intertrons. Things like twitter can cause this speculation to spin out of control in hilarious ways.

Thanks to the hashtag feature of twitter, the genesis of such things can be easily traced

And so it begins. What follows is a compilation of a very wild couple of hours of some of the greatest hits of the #DaronSuttonTheories hashtag. Of course, the "greatest hits" are the ones I think are in my capricious judgement. Check out the hashtag itself to see more than what is posted here. Those are after the jump.

(Note: This is all in good fun, and we hope that whatever issues exist are resolved and that we see Daron back in the TV booth soon!)

Folks close to the team seemed to think this was amusing as well:

Trust me when I say there is a lot more where that came from. I instituted a "One example of a tweet per person" rule for this post.

What are some of YOUR theories?