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Mid-Season Top 60 Prospects

With the lower minor leagues having just completed their All-Star breaks and our number one prospect about to be promoted to the big leagues, I thought it was time to reevaluate our overall prospects list. Some from last year's list have been traded, some have been promoted, some have regressed and others have progressed. Plus we just added a pile of new prospects from this year's draft and many of them have signed and making immediate contributions. It's fair to say the organization is as stocked as it's ever been with young players who have a reasonable chance to make and contribute at the Major League level, with a handful of candidates who could/should turn out to be stars in the league. I've added a small note on each, so let's get started with the debate right after the jump.

1. Trevor Bauer, RHP, Reno - Duh.
2. Tyler Skaggs, LHP, Mobile - More advanced than Bradley and not much older.
3. Archie Bradley, RHP, South Bend - Skipped Rookie Ball. Hit a small slump recently.
4. Matt Davidson, 3B, Mobile - Cooled off a little lately but should work through it.
5. David Holmberg LHP Mobile - Keeps climbing the list. Could keep going and young.
6. Patrick Corbin LHP Reno - Already shown he can handle the majors.
7. A.J. Pollock, OF, Reno - Also shown he's not overwhelmed by the majors.
8. Adam Eaton, OF, Reno - Banging on the door for a place to play.
9. Chris Owings, SS, Mobile - Making good progress. A couple years away yet but getting closer.
10. Andrew Chafin, LHP, Visalia - Has hit the skids lately but should work through it.
11. Ryan Wheeler, 3B, Reno - Another one banging on the door.
12. Evan Marshall, RHP, Mobile - Has done everything asked. Could easily be in 2013 pen.
13. Alfredo Marte, OF, Mobile - Burst onto the scene this year. Chosen for Futures Game.
14. Stryker Trahan, C, Missoula - Has come out hitting and already moved from AZL to Missoula.
15. Jake Barrett, RHP, South Bend - Hard thrower. Looking good to start. Could be fast arrival.
16. David Nick, 2B, Mobile - Solid progression each year, but a hair short of being special.
17. Bobby Borchering, OF, Visalia - Still showing power but Ks are a problem. Going wrong direction.
18. Anthony Meo, RHP, Visalia - Holding his own at High A. Has a chance.
19. Jake Elmore, 2B, Reno - Tearing it up in Reno. Future utilityman?
20. Matt Gorgen, RHP, Mobile - Having excellent relief campaign. Could continue ascending.
21. Mark Krauss, OF, Mobile - Lack of a position hurts him. But holding his own.
22. Chase Anderson, RHP, Mobile - Has had his moments. Still recovering from injury.
23. Michael Perez, C, Missoula - Could have breakout year and move up.
24. Charles Brewer, RHP, Reno - Has not done as well at Reno as we'd like.
25. J.R. Bradley, RHP, South Bend - Still very young. Needs to start missing more bats.
26. Wagner Mateo, OF, Visalia - Jumped to High A. Critical year for him.
27. Gerson Montilla, 2B, Visalia - Recently promoted. Showing good all-around skills.
28. Jonathan Albaladejo, RHP, Reno - Having solid campaign at Reno. Fringe reliever.
29. Cody Wheeler, LHP, Yakima - Just back from TJ. Big year to show he can be a climber.
30. Jose Munoz, SS, AZL - Drafted higher than expected, but has some tools.
31. Jensen Lewis, RHP, Reno - Other than a couple of rough games has looked very good.
32. Michael Bolsinger, RHP, Mobile - Took Bauer's spot in Mobile and has had some good outings.
33. Ronnie Freeman, C, Yakima - 5th rounder. Good college catcher. Worth watching.
34. Tyler Green, RHP, South Bend - Up and down. Team likes him but needs consistency.
35. Chuck Taylor, OF, AZL - 4th rounder. Center fielder. Some things to like.
36. John Pedrotty, RHP, South Bend - Hot and cold. If he gets consistent could be a climber.
37. Keon Broxton, OF, Visalia - Heading wrong way. Ks are just way too high to make it very far.
38. Derek Eitel, RHP, Mobile - Another hot and cold starter. When he's on he's really good.
39. Kyle Winkler, RHP, Visalia - Struggling to adjust to relief role but shows some signs.
40. Jonathan Griffin, 1B, Visalia - Big man can hit but he's not quite a Goldy.
41. Michael Freeman, SS, Visalia - Good glove, good contact. Possible utilityman.
42. Ty Linton, OF, Missoula - Make or break season. Break odds better than make.
43. Alexander Carreras, LHP, Yakima - Cuban just getting started. A wait and see guy.
44. Andrew Barbosa, LHP, Missoula - Old rookie but electric start. One to watch.
45. Jesse Darrah, RHP, South Bend - Has some talent but lacking consistency.
46. Seth Simmons, RHP, South Bend - Terrific relief campaign so far. Should move another level.
47. Andrew Velasquez, SS/2B, AZL - Toolsy infielder, 7th rounder. Just getting started.
48. Matt Helm, 3B/1B, South Bend - Midwest All-Star but seems a tad short of being anything special.
49. Jake Lamb, 3B, Missoula - Rookie off to a good start. Ceiling may be limited.
50. Daniel Poma, OF, Yakima - All American in Adam Eaton mold. Lots to like.
51. Pedro Ruiz, 2B/SS, Missoula - Another toolsy infielder. Glove has question marks.
52. Ray Hernandez, RHP, Visalia - Not quite as good as big brother David.
53. Kable Hogben, RHP, South Bend - Sidearmer from Australia. Just gets people out.
54. John Leonard, SS, Missoula - Team likes him. Needs to start hitting soon.
55. Jacob House, 1B, Yakima - Another rookie off to a good start. Needs to develop power to stick.
56. Karl Triana, RHP, Missoula - DSL graduate with electric stuff. One to watch.
57. Ender Inciarte, OF, Visalia - Just promoted. Good contact and speed. Can he keep progressing?
58. Justin Bianco, OF, Missoula - Didn't hit a lick last year. Time is now to make a statement.
59. Shaun Cooper, OF, Yakima - Free agent who can hit. We'll see if he can keep going.
60. Blake Perry, RHP, South Bend - Hasn't shown enough yet to get excited about.