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Gameday Thread: 6/25, College World Series #2


U. of Arizona
James Farris


U. South Carolina
Michael Roth

There seemed to be a fair amount of interest yesterday, and with no Diamondbacks game scheduled for today, figured we might as well throw this up, as the potentially decisive game of the 2012 College World Series starts at 5pm Arizona time, with the University of Arizona squad seeking to close things out with another victory - it'd be their eleventh straight win, I believe - over the University of South Carolina. It'd be the first victory for a team from the state since 1986, and the ninth such since the tournament started in 1950. If the game goes to SC, there will be a decider tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't go that far. [Pitchers above are provisional at the time of writing]

Also tonight, the Dodgers take on the Giants, so while Arizona is not playing, we will still either pick up half a game on the division leaders or on the wild-card team - while, of course, losing half a game on the other. Who are you rooting for in this series?