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SnakeBytes, 6/23: Bear-ly Legal Edition

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No, you're supposed to dive <em>into</em> the pool... Silly Cubbie...
No, you're supposed to dive into the pool... Silly Cubbie...

Well, that turned out better than it looked like it might, after we lost our starter before the game even began, and the Cubs had taken the lead. Good job by the bullpen: I imagine they'll be hoping for a nice, long outing from Ian Kennedy (or failing that, his bobble-head) in tonight's game.


  • [AP] Diamondbacks open series with 6-1 win over Cubs - Collmenter was done after four innings, giving up three hits with six strikeouts and three walks, which wasn't too bad considering he hadn't planned on starting. ''Mental it's probably way tougher than physically for him,'' Ziegler said. ''All of a sudden he's got to turn it on right away. For him to go out and get four innings into the game, that was huge for us.''
  • [MLB] Collmenter steps in for Saunders as D-backs roll - "It was just one of those weird fluke things where I just couldn't get loose," Saunders said. "Maybe I slept on it wrong or something like that. I felt great my last outing, felt great in my bullpen session on Wednesday, so I think this is just kind of a fluke thing. Strength-wise [the training staff] said I was off the charts, so I'm not worried about anything structurally."
  • [AZCentral] Diamondbacks open series with win over Cubs - "No, it wasn't a trade. Before first pitch, the team said Saunders was scratched because "he couldn't get loose," adding that right-hander Josh Collmenter would start in his place. But that only led to more speculation. Is Saunders hurt? If he is, is it bad enough to warrant time on the disabled list? And should that be the case, does that mean highly-touted prospect Trevor Bauer is about to be unleashed on the major leagues?"

Team News

  • [] Bauer checks in to meet with club officials - Hmmm. Coincidence....or something more suspicious!!!! "In Phoenix to look at some real estate during Triple-A Reno's off-day on Monday, D-backs top prospect Trevor Bauer stopped by Chase Field and met with club officials." Mrs. SnakePit is a licensed realtor and is available for real estate help. :)
  • [AZCentral] Gibson agrees with boss, believes team is contender "Do we wish we were in first place? Of course. But we're not. Does that change anything? Do we get overly frustrated and cash in? No way ... You don't know how you're going to get there (the postseason). You just believe you're going to get there."
  • [ArizonaSports] In support of an indefinite Stephen Drew-Willie Bloomquist platoon - "I'm no General Manager nor Manager of the Year but, in light of Bloomquist's hot hand and Drew's delicate ankle and rusty conditioning, I think an indefinite platoon situation at shortstop should, at the very least, receive consideration."
  • [AZCentral] Diamondbacks' Racing Gracie yet to win Legends race - "Hall drops hints of "plots" and "scripts" that he "looks over" and "approves" before many races, later mentioning "Gracie" and "has to lose" in the same sentence, the words suspiciously close to one another at that. So if you believe the losing streak is more curse than conspiracy, we've got an alien autopsy on a grassy knoll to sell you."

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