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Gameday Thread, #53: 6/2 vs. Padres


Daniel Hudson
RHP, 1-1, 5.48


Edinson Volquez
RHP, 2-5, 3.46

Hudson's second start, and the team needs a win, badly. Defeat could send the Diamondbacks into fourth place in the NL West, if the Rockies also beat the Dodgers again this afternoon (though that looks unlikely at the time of writing). It'd also give the Padres a series win, and they only have one of those in their last seven attempts. Just when the team seemed to have a chance of going in the right direction, winning three of four against the Dodgers and Brewers... They go right back into the pit of failure, losing three of four to the Giants and Padres. Consistently inconsistent. Our biggest winning streak in May was two, and we only managed that twice.

Line-up and stuff after the jump

  1. Gerardo Parra RF
  2. Willie Bloomquist SS
  3. Jason Kubel LF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Chris Young CF
  7. Josh Bell 3B
  8. Aaron Hill 2B
  9. Daniel Hudson.P

No Upton. It could simply be Gibson wanting to get both left-handed outfielders in against the right-handed Volquez, and J-Up has not been playing great of late, but that gaffe in the disaster which was the eighth inning last night, might also merit a spot in the corner to think about what he did.