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Gameday Thread, #61: 6/12 vs. Rangers


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 5-5, 3.93


Colby Lewis
RHP, 4-5, 3.38

Into the American League go the Diamondbacks for the next week, starting with this series against the reigning American League champions. Ian Kennedy will be taking the mound from Arizona, having arrived today - he stayed behind in Phoenix to get a bit more quality time with his wife, who just gave birth to their second child. I trust we all remember what happened last time there was a new-born in the Kennedy clan. No pressure, Ian: no pressure. Of course, an AL park means AL rules, and the abomination on the face of baseball which is the designated hitter. Who have the D-backs chosen to fill this role for them tonight?

That'd be after the jump... BattleMoses is on the recap tonight.

  1. Gerardo Parra LF
  2. Willie Bloomquist SS
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Jason Kubel DH
  5. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  6. Miguel Montero C
  7. Chris Young CF
  8. Aaron Hill 2B
  9. Josh Bell 3B
    + Ian Kennedy P

I am Jim McLennan, and I almost approve of this line-up. I'd probably have Roberts in place of Bell, but otherwise, that's not far off as good as it gets. Kubel as DH is the obvious choice, giving us our three best outfield defenders to cover the spacious realms of Arlington. The D-backs are close to the hottest team in baseball right now, their 8-2 record over the past ten games matched, but not surpassed, by the Pirates and Yankees. This road-trip will be a good barometer of how serious the team is about contending in 2012.