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Pick 6 T-shirt Contest Finale + Fantasy Baseball

And so we come to the end of the Pick 6 T-shirt Contest, yesterday having been the final day of Week 4. Thanks to everyone who took part, and also our SB Nation overlords for providing the prizes. Not sure what we'll do going forward - there probably won't be daily updates, it'll probably become a weekly Fanpost sort of thing for smack talk and updates. We'll see. But here are the last numbers: who got the last pair of shirts?

This week
Daily best
Player Pts
1 $-The Moneyman-$ 66.1
2 blank_38 63.2
3 dback4life 60.2
4 dbacks25 53.2
5 nazdbacksnut 49.0

To be announced...

Player Pts
1 porty99 101.4
2 BattleMoses 79.2
3 Dbacks928 72.1
4 $-The Moneyman-$ 66.1
5 Dbacks928 65.6

A good day for $-The Moneyman-$ - not only sharing Comment of the Day honors in the Gameday Thread, but coming top in Pick 6! Carlos Gonzalez's performance for the Rockies was his powerhouse. However, porty99 held on to the top spot in the daily best chart, so will be contacted by the overlords in due course for T-shirt size, etc. On the weekly tallies... Well, I'm still waiting for a definitive answer on this one: the weekly chart I can find seems to have SOME scores that are correct, but I'm pretty sure I scored more than zero. Got an email into the overlords to inquire about that. Will update the post as soon as I get word!

Here are the quick results from our rotisserie league. Details and standings after the jump, but it's very close at the top, with only a single point separating the top four teams.

AZ SnakePit 10, Ignatius J. Rallies 0
Mizzoula Osprey 9, Lil Bitches 1
Alabama Slammers 8, Phoenix Platypi 2
Blonde Streaks 3, soco knows 7
Sofa King Juiced 8, Los Wailoracles 2
The Fighting Amish 1, CompleteGameShutout 6
Waffles 1, MyWieterGetzLongoria 9

AZ SnakePit 10, Ignatius J. Rallies 0
Everything clicked for AZ, and they whitewashed Ignatius. On offense, Soriano's four homers and nine RBI was among the week's best, with Cabrera getting two HR and seven RBI. Putz got a Win and Sv, with Lincecum fanning 13. Bautista had three HR for the Rallies, who lost Sv and SB by one.

Mizzoula Osprey 9, Lil Bitches 1
Osprey surged to an early lead, and retained almost all of it. They swept pitching with a sub-two ERA, led by Pettitte, who had a Win and 18 strikeouts. Jansen got three Saves, and on offense they had three HR by Morales. Altuve's six Runs gave that to Lil, who got a W + 17 K's from Kershaw.

Alabama Slammers 8, Phoenix Platypi 2
Slammers took all five hitting points, Victorino's two HR and six RBI leading the way on offense - Freese had two HR and seven RBI for Phoenix. Strasburg (Slammers) had a W + 13 K, backed by three Saves from Motte, The Platypi got two Wins and 14 K's from Pitcher of the Week Burnett.

Blonde Streaks 3, soco knows 7
soco pulled out of the relegation zone despite hitting .216 with two homers. Greinke's Win and dozen strikeouts were important for them, while Desmond drove in seven runs. Blonde got four saves from Clippard and three by the spitballing Valverde, but narrow wins for soco in R + RBI were decisive.

Sofa King Juiced 8, Los Wailoracles 2
Hitter of the Week Trumbo unleashed four home-runs and a dozen RBI to pace Sofa's attack, as they piled up a league-best 14 homers. They also swept pitching, Kennedy getting a W + 12 K's, and Vargas a W + 11 K's. Heyward had two home-runs and scored six times for Los.

The Fighting Amish 1, CompleteGameShutout 6
R, SB and Sv all ended ties, but Complete pulled off the shock of the round, restricting the Amish to only taking RBI, and that by one - Dunn had three HR and eight RBI for them. Otherwise, it was all Shutout: Beltran and Cano had three HR apiece, Billingsley two W + 11 K, and Lester 14 strikeouts.

Waffles 1, MyWieterGetzLongoria 9
Waffles got 71 strikeouts - 20 from Lee - but that was their only success, as Wieter took every other category. Kubel drove in 12 runs and Trout scored 10 times on offense, also stealing four bases. Meanwhile, on pitching, Hanrahan got a W and three Sv, and Vogelsong won both his starts.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. Alabama Slammers 59-34-7 .625 - 8-2-0 7 20
2. MyWieterGetzLongoria 58-34-8 .620 0.5 9-1-0 6 12
3. Mizzoula Osprey 59-36-5 .615 1 9-1-0 2 16
4. Sofa King Juiced 60-37-3 .615 1 8-2-0 8 25
5. The Fighting Amish 49-44-7 .525 10 1-6-3 13 23
6. Blonde Streaks 48-45-7 .515 11 3-7-0 10 15
7. Lil Bitches 48-47-5 .505 12 1-9-0 1 10
8. AZ SnakePit 46-46-8 .500 12.5 10-0-0 9 3
9. CompleteGameShutout 40-50-10 .450 17.5 6-1-3 4 22
10. Phoenix Platypi 42-52-6 .450 17.5 2-8-0 14 11
11. Ignatius J. Rallies 41-52-7 .445 18 0-10-0 11 24
12. soco knows 38-56-6 .410 21.5 7-3-0 12 9
13. Waffles 37-55-8 .410 21.5 1-9-0 5 16
14. Los Wailoracles 28-65-7 .315 31 2-8-0 3 3

Week 11 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Waffles
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Ignatius J. Rallies
Alabama Slammers vs. Lil Bitches
Blonde Streaks vs. Phoenix Platypi
Sofa King Juiced vs. soco knows
The Fighting Amish vs. Los Wailoracles
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. CompleteGameShutout

Alabama vs. Lil is the Game of the Week - it's the only one featuring two teams that are both in the top half of the table. On offense, the Slammers are strongest in home-runs, where they've gone 7-3 - Lil's best is BA, where they are 6-4. It's pitching where the Slammers have dominated, going 8-2 or better in three of the five categories, so Lil will have to step up their game, having gone no better than 6-4 there.