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SnakeBytes, 6/1: June Moon Edition

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Rhyming couplets, man! Rhyming couplets! What rhymes with "Padres" anyway? While I work on another entry for Pit Your Wits, have some links 'n' stuff for a Friday afternoon.

Team news

Other team stuff

  • [AZ Central] Diamondbacks banking on catcher Miguel Montero - "But to fit Montero's salary into the club's payroll, dominos will have to fall, beginning as soon as next season... It's also not counting shortstop Stephen Drew and closer J.J. Putz, both of whom have somewhat pricey options for 2013. As it stands, it's hard to see both Drew and Putz returning."
  • [RantSports[ Hot and Cold: Taking a Look at the Arizona Diamondbacks' Recent Play - "Overall, the Diamondbacks right now are a team that is still trying to come to grips with what kind of club they are going to be this year... Their hitting has been up-and-down too often this season, their pitching has been plagued with inconsistency, and all too often, the Diamondbacks are shooting themselves in the foot by making simple mistakes on the diamond."
  • [AZ Central] Pitch and catch with Diamondbacks' Josh Bell - "I think this is just a humbling game. You can never look at this game and think you're above it or you're ready for it. Because the very next game you can have a couple of errors or strike out three times then you're feeling, "Am I meant for this?" It's just a humbling game and you have to accept the things that come your way."

Draft and minors

  • [] D-backs to make best of limited Draft selections - "I actually think it's pretty good," [Scouring director Ray] Montgomery said of this year's Draft class. "I know everyone wants to refer to last year as being so strong. I think this class is good. I don't think there's huge separation between guys, but I think there's good depth."
  • [AZ Central] A closer look at Diamondbacks prospect David Holmberg - "The thing that separates him from other guys at that level is his command," Diamondbacks pitching coordinator Mel Stottlemyre Jr. said. "Most nights, he has command of three of his four pitches. He always has one of his breaking balls going and most nights he has them both."
  • [Fake Teams] Low Level Prospect Review: Diamondbacks LHP David Holmberg - "I saw a pitcher on Saturday night who may not have the ceiling of some of the other pitchers in the Diamondbacks' system, but he should be a solid Major League starting pitcher (think #3 upside)."
  • [] Bauer's D-backs debut could be on horizon "[Bauer] hasn't been in the Minor Leagues very long, and he's been rushed like we've never rushed anybody before, because of the stuff that he has and his ability to pitch," D-backs farm director Mike Bell said. "He has made some improvements. For me, it's not about improving stuff but more about the ability to manage game plans, getting us deep into games and giving us chance to win."

Other stuff

  • [FSAZ] New MLB landscape alters D-backs' outlook - Additional wild card, new CBA rules make it less likely D-backs will turn into deadline sellers.
  • [ESPN] Teams, players who could break out in June - The first two months of the MLB season are in the books. What's ahead as the season enters June? Two of the three experts pick the d-backs as the breakout team for this month.
  • [FSAZ] D-backs would welcome wrongly accused star - Banks, a former star high school football player with NFL potential, last week was exonerated after losing 10 years of his life for a crime he did not commit. Hall was so taken by Banks’ composure and professionalism...[he] fired off a job offer. "I just thought, ‘This guy needs a fresh start,'" Hall said.