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Pick 6 T-shirt Contest Update

Once again Carlos Gonzales proved to be a very productive player - and there weren't many of those to be found yesterday, with only three games on the schedule. This is how the results stacked up.

Thursday This week Daily best
Player Pts
1 leemellon 78.3
2 blank_38 74.7
3 PhoenixFly 70.1
4 snakecharmer 63.2
5 PR151 61.6
Player Pts
1 G.O.B. 181.1
2 PR151 179.1
3 stl775 174.2
4 porty99 157.9
5 tstack1014 157.6
Player Pts
1 tstack1014 86.9
2 leemellon 78.3
3 blank_38 74.7
4 PR151 70.7
5 2 tied 70.1

leemellon took first place, but did have multiple players from the Red Sox, so does not qualify for Theme Thursday. That no-prize instead goes to blank_38, who spread the picks and got their best score from Michael Cuddyer. So, as promised, a special acknowledgment:


There. That was certainly worth the effort. [Mine, I mean...]. G.O.B. takes over from stl775 at the top of the weekly board, but there's less than seven points between the top three, and even those further back know how quickly things can change. tstack1014 still has the best daily score, being the only player to crack eighty points thus far. Back to a normal schedule of games today, with first pitch a little after four pm.