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Pick 6 and Open Thread

Not much doubt who the player to have yesterday was: Josh Hamilton, whose four home runs powered anyone who had him to an impressive total, with Hamilton being worth 63.5 points all by himself. Selecting him was obviously key to success, but as the table below shows, was far from the whole story.

Rank Player Points
1 Canadiamondback 130.3
2 Cardscrazy247 115.8
3 tstack1014 93.5
4 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 79.4
5 Brad Denny 77.7

Congrats to Canadiamondback, who didn't just win the SnakePit league, but was our first player to come top of the SB Nationwide table. As well as providing the best of the 2,310 entries, however, the SnakePit was also responsible for #2,310. That would be me, folks, whose Dan Haren-anchored team managed -25.7 points. The only player not in negative territory was J.J. Putz, who didn't play. Oh, well: back on the horse today! An hour until the first game, so get down to it.