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Pick 6 + Open Thread

Rank Player Points
1 NewJackCity 71.8
2 AzDbackfanInDc 67.0
3 jinnah 64.6
4 Canadiamondback 53.5
5 G.O.B. 52.6

Congrats to NewJackCity, who came 53rd in the nation. Tempted to disqualify AzDbackfanInDc, since his lofty position is largely due to picking four St. Louis Cardinals from last night's game. Perhaps there should be a quasi-official SnakePit policy for this kind of thing. A nice, late start to today's slate of games, so you've still got a good chance to get your picks made. Other stuff you may want to discuss today. What's the matter with Justin Upton? The plunking of Bryce Harper and the resulting suspension of Cole Hamels, Guillermo Mota says his suspension is due to his kid's cough medicine. .