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Pick 6 Chat/Open Thread: Win D-backs Tickets!

Dont't forget, we're offering up a pair of the SnakePit tickets at Chase on the next home-stand, to the best qualifying score in today's contest! And you still have timr to get your picks in.... Details of how to enter are after the jump. Here's the top five from yesterday.

  1. GuruB 63.0
  2. Canadiamondback 52.4
  3. Bcawz 44.5
  4. Nonpartisan 44.3
  5. Bucking Nutz 42.7

Congrats to GuruB, who turned in the best overall performance by a 'Pitter we've seen to date, finishing 18th nationwide, out of 2,331 entrants. While I see we already have a record number of Pick 6 entrants for today, at the present time, we have just two people who signed-up and posted a comment providing the date they want to attend. I guess grimmy01 and dback4life. are hoping no-one else notices this post. :) First pitch this morning is a little after 11am, Arizona time giving you a couple of hours.

Other topics for chat: Mariano Rivera tears his ACL; Barry Bonds' lawyers file an appeal to toss his conviction, how do you think the upcoming Mets series will go?

How to enter

There are three dates available, and you can take your pick of which one you attend: Monday 7th + Wednesday 9th May vs. St. Louis (both are 6:40pm games), and Saturday 12th vs. San Francisco, which starts at 5:10pm. There's a pair of Baseline Reserve tickets up for grabs. Obviously, given the national nature of the 'Pit, not everyone will be able to use the tickets. So we'll do it on a self-nomination basis. If you want to enter, here's what to do:

1) Pick your team for tomorrow's games.
2) Post here, saying which game you want.

There: that's not too taxing, is it? After today's games have been played, I'll contact the entrant with the top score who posted a date, and we'll arrange drop off or whatever of the tix. Should be fun!