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SnakeBytes, 5/30: Crying Over Spilt Melky Edition

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So, we face Tim Lincecum looking to avoid the sweep. Funny how that proposition is a great deal less scary that it would have been a season or two ago.


Team news

  • [] Regular routine a good sign for Hudson - "Hudson spent time this spring working on a slower breaking ball with more tilt to go along with his fastball, changeup and slider, which is tighter and faster than his new pitch."
  • [AZ Central] Diamondbacks will continue to be aggressive - Gibson said, ""In the end, we hope to tighten it up. We'll get into some games down the road that become more meaningful, (and) we'll be much sharper at it. " Meaningful games "down the road". I'm not optimistic...
  • [Nick Piecoro] Baserunning update & other stuff - However, Nick P looks at the numbers and concludes, "That all seems less sky-is-falling than actually watching the games would lead you to believe." However, to me it feels that the team's current margin for error is so thin, they can ill-afford mediocrity elsewhere.
  • [] D-backs working to ease Bell in - "We wanted to give Josh some work on some things as well," Gibson said. "He's been working, getting him a little more comfortable, a little more acclimated." The SnakePit hive-mind has not been impressed, this far.


  • [] Bolsinger nearly no-hits Suns in twinbill - No hits through 5 2/3 innings. "Basically, I was just locating my cut fastball in," he said. "That basically is my fastball. I was locating well, going inside with it, going outside with it and they'd roll over on it."
  • [FSAZ] D-backs farm yields talent, wins in abundance - "That is something that’s important to us," said Mike Bell, the D-backs’ director of player development and the man in charge of overseeing the minor league system. "It definitely sets a standard. We want guys to get used to winning and that winning feeling, and not being OK with losing."

Other news