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Pick 6 Chat/Open Thread: Win The SnakePit Tickets @ Chase!

Well, I hope your team did better yesterday than mine. No, strike that - I'm almost certain they did, as I came 40th out of 41 SnakePit entrants yesterday. Thank you, J.J. Putz... Here's the top five scores.

  1. NewJackCity 78.2
  2. nickj33stl 74.2
  3. Dan Strittmatter 71.9
  4. BigLeagueAZ 63.5
  5. leemellon 58.3

Congrats to NewJack, who finished 43rd nationwide, of the 2,142 entrants. Today's entries have just closed, so you're too late if you didn't put your team in for that, but it's not too early to start putting your team in for tomorrow's games. And as an added incentive, we're offering up a pair of the SnakePit tickets at Chase on he next home-stand, to the best qualifying score in Friday's contest!

Details of the contest are after the jump. Other topics for discussion this morning: Jared Weaver's no hitter. Wade Miley's Rookie of the Month award. The Giants might lose Pablo Sandoval for an extended period. As usual, chat about whatever though.

There are three dates available, and you can take your pick of which one you attend: Monday 7th + Wednesday 9th May vs. St. Louis (both are 6:40pm games), and Saturday 12th vs. San Francisco, which starts at 5:10pm. There's a pair of Baseline Reserve tickets up for grabs. Obviously, given the national nature of the 'Pit, not everyone will be able to use the tickets. So we'll do it on a self-nomination basis. If you want to enter, here's what to do:

1) Pick your team for tomorrow's games.
2) Post here, saying which game you want.

There: that's not too taxing, is it? After Friday's games have been played, I'll contact the entrant who posted with the top score, and we'll arrange drop off or whatever of the tix. Should be fun!