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Pit Your Wits Week 4: April Jeremy Sowers Brings May Mike Blowers


Happy Dead Day everyone! I am just going to assume everybody follows the same academic calendar I do. So before you lie about studying and instead go throw up in an alley on 4th Avenue, check out this week's Pit Your Wits challenge! If you want to get to the challenge, skip over this part. Nobody reads the top of Snakepit posts, anyway. I could say in plain text that the atomic weight of Boron is 10.811, and somebody in the comments will ask "HEY THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING, BUT WHAT'S THE ATOMIC WEIGHT OF BORON?" I digress, check out this week's challenge!

"But Clefo" you might say "What about the results from last week?" Well that's a good question, voice in my head that sounds like Rosie Perez on nitrous oxide. Follow after the jump for last week's winners and their awards!

Lot of ties for stuff this week, which is fine, but it might behoove you to be more/less generous with your recs (whichever it is, I'm too lazy to figure out which). Or not. Don't let me tell you what to do. Live your own lives! As you may recall, the challenge was captioning this image. Let's get to those who have finished in the points and passed post-race tech:


blank_38 and kishi? A WINNERS ARE YOU FOR 5 RECCING!


Carlos: Here comes the tickle monster!

Lyle: Oh noes!!!


'Cause this is thriller! Thriller night!

And no one is gonna save you from the beast about to strike!


Here are the silver people. I don't mean that they're literally silver, they just get silver. IT AIN'T COMPLICATED, FOLKS.


As we all know, homosexuality in baseball is a taboo subject...

Carlos: "Come on Lyle…I can’t fight it anymore! I must have you!"

Lyle: "Oh hell no, Carlos! I may swing my bat left-handed but I am very much heterosexual"



Overbay: NOOOOOO!

soco (with the assist)

This took far longer

than a crappy MS Paint edit should take:



There was one Bronze winner. I have nothing funny to say beyond that.


Overbay: They're real...and they're spectacular!

All right, here are the scores:

Person Points
kishi 12
blank_38 9
SenSurround 6
soco 5
Rockkstarr12 3
imstillhungry95 3
jjwaltrip 3
luckycc 3
Diamondhacks 1
Nonpartisan 1

All right, this week's challenge is a little simple. I am saving what I think is a REALLY REALLY AWESOME SUPER DUPER CHALLENGE for next week. STAY TUNED. This week:

"Describe the month of April for the D'Backs in 10 words or fewer". I will be counting, and I did specifically say April,so keep that in mind. Same scoring rules as before (unless I change my mind at some point, the scoring rules will always be the same). Entries and recs will be accepted by 11:59 PM Arizona time on Wednesday, or whenever I go to bed that night, whichever happens first.

And remember, the atomic weight of Boron is 10.811.