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Pick 6 T-Shirt Contest

Saturday This week Daily best
Player Pts
1 jzzfanj 99.5
2 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 82.6
3 matt.ratledge 79.4
4 Augdogs 71.6
5 PR151 64.8
Player Pts
1 jzzfanj 298.8
2 PR151 235.8
3 matt.ratledge 234.8
4 dbacksfan414 229.7
5 Bryn21 228.1
Player Pts
1 jzzfanj 104.6
2 jzzfanj 99.5
3 Nonpartisan 84.0
4 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 82.6
5 matt.ratledge 79.4

Do you think Jeff is beginning to get the hang of this game or something? For we have our first back-to-back winner, jzzfanj following yesterday's victory with another win, this time powered by Johan Santana and J.J. Hardy.. However he "only" came second in the SB Nation, missing out on top spot by eight-tenths of a point. With a lead of over 60 in the weekly standings, and the top two places in the daily best charts, he seems assured of a shirt. I'm not sure what happens to the other one, so have got an email in to our overlords for clarification. If I'd to guess, probably second place in the weekly chart, which is still wide open, with 24 points covering the next ten places.

Half an hour or so to get the last picks in for the week!