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Pick 6 T-Shirt Contest

Thursday This week Daily best
Player Pts
1 Nonpartisan 84.0
2 PR151 64.3
3 porty99 64.0
4 Amit 57.3
5 G.O.B. 56.1
Player Pts
1 Nonpartisan 181.4
2 dbacksfan414 170.1
3 PR151 169.7
4 Bryn21 161.1
5 Tabor36 157.2
Player Pts
1 Nonpartisan 84.0
2 dbacksfan414 76.9
3 Tabor36 72.9
4 Bcawz 69.4
5 walleye01 67.7

Big day for Nonpartisan, as it was their turn to complete the triple crown. Yadier Molina and David Wright powered them to 84 points, almost twenty better than the second-placed PR151. That was not only the best score yesterday, but also the best of the week, and propelled Nonpartisan to the top of the weekly leaderboard. However, on a high-scoring day overall, it was only good enough for =47th in the nation. Three days left for people to usurp that position at the top of either leaderboard and get themselves in line for a shirt. Today's games don't start until 4pm Arizona time, so you should still be able to get your picks in.