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A Farewell to Dan

More changes at the 'Pit, as we sadly wave farewell to Dan, who has now complete college and is moving on to life outside the ivory towers of academia - in other words, "having a job." I'll leave it up to him how much he wants to talk about all that, but from the point of view of the 'Pit, his contributions will be sadly missed, particularly in the realms of our minor-league system, where it's safe to say that he was a fount of knowledge and analysis. Many thanks for all his work in the three years since he joined; we wish him all the best for the future, and hope to see him pop in, as the (limited) free time of his new position permits.

As usual, he will remain an alumni editor, but further shuffling of the SnakePit pack will result. Zavada's Mustache gets promoted to Editor, and will be able to wield the ban-hammer and other similar delights - so he's the new person to be very, very, nice to. bull bulldog will be returning to the fray to lend a hand with our minor-league coverage, though the minor-league recaps will likely be divided up, rather than being Dan's (we're open to offers though!). We're still working on the details. But anyway, this is the "Farewell to Dan" thread, not the "SnakePit Admin" thread, so raise a glass of your beverage of choice and join me in toasting a man who will probably be a GM somewhere, some day!