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Pit Your Wits Week 7: The Dbackolypse AKA "Can't We Just Get BEYOND Thunderdome?"


This is Pit Your Wits. It is a frivolous activity, designed to distract the easily distracted away from the emptyness and pointlessness of your fragile existences as you just sit on a rock burning through space YOUR LIVES HAVE NO MEANING! ABANDON ALL HOPE.


*ahem* Sorry about that. Anyway, last week our challenge was to bemoan Willie Bloomquist's slumping ways. Since that was posted, he has seemed to start raking. PIT YOUR WITS IS THE OFFICIAL SLUMPBUSTER OF THE ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS. NO MAN SHOULD HAVE THIS MUCH POWER.

After the jump, results and stuff.


First place goes to blank_38 for this 5 rec performance:

"Whenever I see Willie pop out when I hitting leadoff I...

check how Stephen drew’s rehab is coming along."

My bunny is fat
He likes to eat cabbages
No wonder he's fat.

by blank_38 on May 17, 2012 4:48 PM MST reply actions 5 recs


Silver goes to kishi, for this:

"Whenever I see Willie pop out when hitting leadoff I..."

…think to myself "At least he won’t get picked off first."

"Anytime you can sign an oft-injured guy to fill a hole that wasn't there YOU MAKE THAT DEAL."

by kishi on May 17, 2012 11:23 PM MST reply actions 4 recs


The third step on the podium goes to hotclaws:

"Whenever I see Willie pop out when hitting leadoff I..."

am surprised and astonished….er not really.

♯♩♪ Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way ♫♬♭♮

by hotclaws on May 19, 2012 10:11 AM MST reply actions 2 recs

Here are the points, they are on a board. In fact, you could say I have "PUT THEM ON THE BOARD!"

Person Points
kishi 15
blank_38 15
Bryn21 12
SenSurround 9
soco 6
jjwaltrip 6
imstillhungry95 4
luckycc 4
Jim McLennan 3
Rockkstarr12 3
Diamondhacks 1
Nonpartisan 1
hotclaws 1

This week the end has come. The bullpen has collapsed, the offense has sputtered to a halt. Mutants and deviants (otherwise known as Dodger fans) roam the aisles of Chase Field. You are a survivor, though. You have three items with you to make it through the fallout. What are they?

Post your responses below. Be creative, funny, etc. Rec others that you like. The top three rec getters will be awarded points, and a first round bye in the Gladiator Arena that has been set up where Fatburger used to be.