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Diamondbacks Ups and Downs: Trends for May 16-May 23

Josh Bell celebrated his recent call-up with a two-run home run.
Josh Bell celebrated his recent call-up with a two-run home run.

Just when it seems like we might be steering the ships right - a winning road trip, a 5-run lead against the Dodgers - a wave rolls up and splashes water all over and knocks out the navigation equipment. Where do we go from here? Maybe a shark needs to eat a crew member or two?

Read on to see how all the Diamondbacks have done this past week.

Starting Rotation

Player Trend Notes
Ian Kennedy
It was the shortest outing of the year for Kennedy. He gave up six runs and couldn't get out of the 5th inning when facing the Royals.
Wade Miley
Conversely, Miley pitched in the longest and most arguably best start of his season. He threw 7 shutout innings in Kansas City, and the Diamondbacks provided enough offense to win it. Miley is continuing to impress me.
Trevor Cahill
Cahill struggled in Colorado, as many sinkerball pitchers tend to do, but he bounced back against the Dodgers. His pitch count was a little high and he walked three guys, but Cahill gave us six solid innings of pitching, allowing only one run and left with the team up by four. It was the bullpen that let Cahill down last night.
Patrick Corbin
I guess being sent down to AAA (which is actually a promotion, since he was recalled from AA) is a bad ending to your week. Corbin was hot-and-cold in his major league debut; for every good start, there was a bad one not too far away. Patrick too struggled in Colorado and rebounded against the Dodgers; it's not his fault that the offense couldn't do more to support him by scoring more than the two runs he allowed on Monday night. (Though he, too, was let down by a bullpen who gave up four more.) Best of luck to him in Reno, hope to see him again soon.
Joe Saunders
Joe didn't earn the win in Kansas City, but his team did. Saunders gave them a "quality start" (but not by @dbacksbooth standards) with three runs in 6 innings, which included a solo home run. His ERA is still below 4, which I guess is what you expect from a back-end starter.


Player Trend Notes
Craig Breslow
Well, Craig had a good end to last week, extending his scoreless inning streak to 9.1. That all blew up in last night against L.A. His streak ended Monday when he gave up one run in 1.2 innings, which wasn't bad. But last night was epically bad. Breslow allowed Brad Ziegler's two runners to score (his first IS in nearly a month) in addition to two of his own. He left with the bases loaded and nobody out; thankfully, Bryan Shaw got out of it with minimal further damage.
Josh Collmenter
Collmenter made one appearance in Kansas City and did very well, only giving up one hit in two innings of work. Collmenter is working his way back into our graces via his solid bullpen work.
David Hernandez
Why does everybody struggle in Colorado?! (Don't answer that, I already know.) David blew the save of the first Rockies game with an awful 8th inning, but he did fine in Kansas City and rocked it last night with two strikeouts in a clean 8th inning.
J.J. Putz
J.J. too has started running hot and cold. He converted three saves last week on the road, then came home and gave up the heartbreaker last night with a two-run 9th inning combined blown save-loss. J.J. is 0-3 with 9 saves and an ERA over 7.
Bryan Shaw
In the past week, Shaw had one good outing (scoreless 7th in Colorado) followed by one awful outing (three runs in the 8th against L.A. on Monday) followed by one good outing (getting out of the 7th last night allowing only a sac fly). I suppose the good could outweigh the bad here.
Mike Zagurski
Zagurski continues to be the go-to mop-up bullpen guy, and he's doing fine in that role. He allowed only a single run in 3.2 innings of work last week.
Brad Ziegler
By the numbers, Brad didn't have an awful week. His scoreless streak reached 8.1 innings in Colorado and he earned two wins; but, he allowed all three of his Dodgers opponents to reach base last night, and they all ended up scoring, turning what was an easy win into a heartbreaking loss (with the help of Breslow and Putz).

Starting Lineup

Player Trend Notes
Willie Bloomquist
I know most of you will not like to hear this, but Willie is pretty awesome right now. He has a 7-game hit streak, amassing 14 hits in those games at a .424 average. He was caught-stealing once but successfully stole once too.
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts is continuing to improve at the plate. He hit .350 this past week with two doubles and three RBI. With Josh Bell now playing third base, Roberts will segue into more of a utility role.
Justin Upton
Finally, an upward trend from Upton! Upton hit .391 last week and is now riding a 6-game hitting streak. His swings look good, his contact is better, and his strikeouts seem to be on the downward trend.
Miguel Montero
This time, Miggy had a sub-Ueker line week, going 3-for-17 plus three walks, though at least the hits in Kansas City brought in three runs. To top it off, he strained his groin running for a foul ball on Monday and will need a few days of rest. Ouch!
Chris Young
Welcome back, CY! He's coming around slowly, only three hits since his return, but his being back is, I'm sure, a great morale-booster for the team.
Jason Kubel
Kubel cooled down quite a bit last week, his season average dropping from .303 to .280. He only had four hits and is 0 for his last 12. He also ground into an incredibly untimely game-ending double play last night against the Dodgers.
Paul Goldschmidt
Goldschmidt picked it up last week, but with Lyle Overbay also hitting well, it's yet to be seen what his playing time will look like. Goldschmidt has eight hits in his last seven games, a .364 clip. But, he only had one RBI.
Aaron Hill
Hill is hitting a little more, with hits in five of his last seven games, but that's still only a .208 average with a matching .208 slugging percentage. With Roberts set to play more second base and hitting well, Hill may be the odd man out.
Josh Bell
Getting called up to the big leagues is a good start to Bell's week. And so is hitting a key two-run home run against the Dodgers. However, his defense leaves some to be desired.


Player Trend Notes
Henry Blanco
Blanco will start while Montero is resting his injury. All he did last night was go 3-for-4 and threw out two very fast would-be base stealers. He may not be Homerin' Henry this season, but if he can be a good backstop, that's fine with me.
John McDonald
With Willie so hot, McDonald hasn't played a whole lot. However, he was 3-for-8 in his last two starts, which is a big step up from last week.
Lyle Overbay
I am starting to see Lyle as money very well spent. He's great with the glove at first, and he plays pretty well when he starts. He was 4-for-4 with a double, an RBI, and three runs scored in the heartbreaker of a game last night.
Gerardo Parra
Parra's playing time will diminish now that Chris Young is back. Parra didn't have a great week offensively, hitting only .154, four hits but also four walks.
Cody Ransom
Being sent down for someone who hit .200 / .221 / .264 in 78 games with Baltimore can't make your week very enjoyable.
A.J. Pollock
Send down when CY came off the DL in Kansas City.
Konrad Schmidt
The backup for the backup Blanco while he is starting in place of Montero. Depending on Miggy's injury, Schmidt might only be here until Sunday.

Disabled List

Player Trend Notes
Geoff Blum
According to Blum himself, he felt great after some swings off the tee and defensive drills.
Stephen Drew
Drew was playing well in Extended Spring Training, but now, there is no timetable for him to begin a rehab assignment. His formerly-broken ankle experienced some soreness after trying to play two full 9-inning games. He last played on Saturday. This is not good news, but it seems the soreness was expected with the more he played, but they seem to be being extra cautious....
Daniel Hudson
Had a good XST game last week and rehabbed with Reno on Monday night. He threw for five innings, allowed two earned runs, and got two strikeouts. He felt fine afterwards and, assuming his bullpen later this week goes well, will start on Sunday.
Takashi Saito
No updates on Saito, but he is hanging out with his teammates at Chase Field.

Stats run from 5/16-5/22.