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SnakeBytes: 5/23: The Agony and the...More Agony Edition

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Welcome to Fox Sports Arizona's post-game interviews...
Welcome to Fox Sports Arizona's post-game interviews...

For five innings last night, the D-backs looked like the defending champions. They pitched well, hit well, moved runners along and dominated the Dodgers in a manner that suggested the season was not yet over. And then... Well, we all know what happened.


  • [] D-backs drop heartbreaker to Dodgers "It's kind of frustrating," Overbay said. "But, like I said, we just couldn't get it done. We had our chances. We battled in the ninth we just couldn't get that tying run across." Guys: you had a five-run lead after six innings. You shouldn't need to be "battling in the ninth" to "get that tying run across"
  • [AP] Dodgers rally in 9th to beat Diamondbacks 8-7 - ''In the seventh we brought two relieves in and didn't get any outs out of them,'' Arizona manager Kirk Gibson said. ''We are not playing good enough in that situation against a team that's way too good and very opportunistic and they capitalized on our mistakes.''
  • [FZAZ] Dodgers stay on their season-long roll - "Every loss is tough, but the way the offense battled for us to get runs, and for us to turn around and give it away is just unacceptable," Putz said. Why, yes - yes, it is unacceptable.
  • [AZ Centra;] Diamondbacks twice fail to protect a lead in loss to Dodgers - "It's becoming harder to recognize this Diamondbacks team from the memory of the one so many had expected to not just win the division but contend for a World Series title. They often struggle to hit. When they hit, they struggle to protect leads and make plays defensively. Or, when they hit, like they did on this night, they just can't hit enough."

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