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Pick 6 T-Shirt Contest Update

Week One of the Pick 6 T-shirt contest is now in the books, so without further ado, let's reveal the final totals for yesterday, last week and the highest daily score, to see who'll be getting the cool shirts...

Tuesday This week Daily best
Player Pts
1 Tabor36 72.9
2 AzDbackfanInDc 64.1
3 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 55.3
4 $-The Moneyman-$ 52.3
5 DentArthurDent 51.8
Player Pts
1 walleye01 101.1
2 Tabor36 89.3
3 Nonpartisan 81.5
4 PhoenixFly 80.4
5 G.O.B. 78.7
Player Pts
1 Tabor36 72.9
2 walleye01 67.7
3 AzDbackfanInDc 64.1
4 Nonpartisan 59.0
5 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 55.3

DC represented, coming second and third, but it was Tabor36 who used Brandon Phillips and R.A. Dickey to with the 'Pit league yesterday - they also came 15th in the nation, and it was the best daily score of the week to date. They couldn't quite complete the triple crown, however, as walleye01 holds on to the best total points accumulation. Still plenty of time for people to catch up - at least in days. Wednesday's games are under way, but you can still get in early for Thursday.