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Pick 6 T-Shirt Contest

One day in to this week's round, as we compete for a pair of exclusive Pick 6 T-shirts, kindly supplied by our overlords at SB Nation. This is a nice, easy round-up to do, because after the first day, the leaderboard is exactly the same for all three. So here is yesterday's chart, which is also the week to date, and the best daily scores as well.

Player Pts
1 walleye01 67.7
2 Nonpartisan 59.0
3 rd33 49.5
4 Dan Strittmatter 48.9

Seeing USAFIDMT lurking in fifth spot, I wonder what the official rules are on multiple shirt winner? Well, here they are, and all participants are subject to them. No games until 4pm Arizona time today, so still plenty of time to make your selections, and plenty of time to make a surge for both prizes: the one for best single daily score this week, and the one for the best cumulative score over the entire period through Sunday.