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Pick 6 T-Shirt Contest and AZSP Fantasy Baseball

Week One of the Pick 6 T-shirt contest is now in the books, so without further ado, let's reveal the final totals for yesterday, last week and the highest daily score, to see who'll be getting the cool shirts...

Sunday This week Daily best
Player Pts
1 rd33 67.9
2 AzDbackfanInDc 64.9
3 Britback 61.0
4 Amit 54.4
5 piratedan7 52.5
Player Pts
1 USAFIDMT 314.4
2 PR151 275.7
3 Amit 264.0
4 dback4life 248.8
5 piratedan7 238.7
Player Pts
1 Canadiamondback 74.9
2 dback4life 73.9
3 blank_38 72.6
4 piratedan7 72.5

Congratulations for USAFIDMT for his overall weekly win, and Canadiamondback, for posting the best single-day score on the week. Someone from SB Nation will be in touch soon for your address and shirt size [I believe they tend to run slightly small, so you probably want to err on the larger size side]. Everything now resets for Week 2, so if you want to start taking part, now would be a good time as all the scores go back to zero, and you'll have as good a chance as anyone else. Here's the fantasy baseball scores for the week, with the details, etc. after the jump.

AZ SnakePit 7, soco knows 3
Mizzoula Osprey 6, Los Wailoracles 3
Alabama Slammers 5, The Fighting Amish 5
Blonde Streaks 1, Sofa King Juiced 9
Phoenix Platypi 4, MyWieterGetzLongoria 6
Lil Bitches 5, Waffles 4
Ignatius J. Rallies 5, CompleteGameShutout 3

AZ SnakePit 7, soco knows 3
If soco hadn't left Peavy and Greinke on the bench for Sunday's game, the outcome would have been different, as they'd have taken both W + K. As is, however, two Wins for Hudson and McCutchen's four homers proved to be enough for 'Pit. Fielder had eight RBI and McDonald a W + 11 K for soco.

Mizzoula Osprey 6, Los Wailoracles 3
Three Sv from Casilla and Rodney, plus a W + 15 K from Morrow highlighted the Osprey's win. Aviles (Osprey) and Pence (Wailoracles) each homered three times, but Mizzoula took three points in both the pitching and hitting categories, with HR ending tied at seven. Santana had a W + 15 K for Los.

Alabama Slammers 5, The Fighting Amish 5
Truly a game of two halves, with Alabama sweeping pitching, while Fighting did the same in hitting. For the former, Strasburg had a W + 13 K, and Motte a W and a crucial Sv, as they took that category by one. Amish got three HR from Dunn, while Lecroy homered twice and drove in eight runs.

Blonde Streaks 1, Sofa King Juiced 9
Leaders Blonde fell from grace, and fell hard, a .285 BA the only point salvaged here - Ortiz homered twice for them. Otherwise, it was all Sofa, Reddick hitting three HR and LaRoche driving in seven. Lewis had a Win and ten strikeouts, and Haren struck out ten. Sabathia fanned 12 for Blonde.

Phoenix Platypi 4, MyWieterGetzLongoria 6
Trout had a good week, homering twice, scoring seven and stealing four bases to anchor Wieter's offense, which also got two HR from Granderson and Votto. Hardy had eight RBI for Phoenix, and Verlander notched a W + 12 K for them, but Wieter countered with a W + 10 strikeouts from Colon.

Lil Bitches 5, Waffles 4
Lil edged Waffles after Saves ended level, Pitcher of the Week Kershaw (two wins, zero ERA) playing a large role in their success, contributing to an amazing 0.78 ERA. They also had Hitter of the Week Jones (four HR, eight RBI), but Waffles kept it close thanks to the two Lees, with 16 K and six RBI.

Ignatius J. Rallies 5, CompleteGameShutout 3
The Rallies ran wild, piling up 13 SB, with Upton getting five - Bautista added power, with three HR and seven RBI for them. Complete struck back, piling up 85 K's behind a W and 18 strikeouts by Scherzer, with Price notching a W and 13 K's for them, but they came up just short overall.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. The Fighting Amish 40-26-4 .600 - 5-5-0 14 17
2. Lil Bitches 39-26-5 .593 0.5 5-4-1 1 4
3. Sofa King Juiced 39-29-2 .571 2 9-1-0 8 18
4. Alabama Slammers 36-28-6 .557 3 5-5-0 7 14
5. Blonde Streaks 36-28-6 .557 3 1-9-0 10 11
6. Mizzoula Osprey 36-31-3 .536 4.5 6-3-1 2 12
7. Ignatius J. Rallies 34-31-5 .521 5.5 5-3-2 11 16
8. MyWieterGetzLongoria 32-30-8 .514 6 6-4-0 6 9
9. Phoenix Platypi 33-34-3 .493 7.5 4-6-0 13 9
10. Waffles 31-34-5 .479 8.5 4-5-1 5 10
11. AZ SnakePit 27-37-6 .429 12 7-3-0 9 1
12. soco knows 26-40-4 .400 14 3-7-0 12 8
13. CompleteGameShutout 24-41-5 .379 15.5 3-5-2 4 15
14. Los Wailoracles 23-41-6 .371 16 3-6-1 3 3

Week 8 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Phoenix Platypi
Mizzoula Osprey vs. soco knows
Alabama Slammers vs. Los Wailoracles
Blonde Streaks vs. The Fighting Amish
Sofa King Juiced vs. CompleteGameShutout
Lil Bitches vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Ignatius J. Rallies vs. Waffles

Blonde vs. Amish is the Game of the Week, with Blonde attempting to recover from a devastating defeat last week, that dropped them from first to equal fourth. The Amish, meanwhile, were held to a tie, but have not been beaten in five rounds, with a record of 33-15 over that time. Can the Streaks recover? Or will Fighting continue their run of success?