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Pick 6 Chat And Open Thread

  1. AzDbackfanInDc 54.3
  2. CodyUlm 50.9
  3. SenSurround 41.1
  4. Murricles 40.8
  5. grimmy01 40.5

Those were the top five from yesterday's debut of Pick 6, with winner AzDbackfanInDc coming in a respectable #89 across the entire nation. of 2,542 entrants (the median score was 23), with his top player being Derek Jeter. This thread is at the suggestion of bryn21, so consider it a place to chat about Pick 6 strategy, brag about (or lament) your standings - but also a general chit-chat thread. Possible topics today? Top prospect Tim Beckham gets suspended for 50 games. The Dodgers sale to Magic Johnson is completed. What's the matter with Albert Pujols? And off-topic, so this is what it's like to get punched in the head by a professional boxer. But anything is fair game...

Today's entries close in little over an hour, so get to it, people! Thoughts on scoring after the jump.

I was looking at the scoring for Pick 6, and a couple of things stood out that are worth taking account of. Firstly, starting pitchers receive no credit for Wins or Losses - which hurt me, because I was appalled to see I got little credit for Rickie Nolasco's sterling work against the Giants last night. 7.1 IP, one run - but just one strikeout. That hurt, because the only things that score positive points for starters are innings and Ks, so you should be looking for someone who works deep into games with a high K-rate. By far the worst thing is allowing a home-run, so parks like Petco should be good.

The same goes for relievers. to a certain extent. Though they do get credit (5 points) for a Save, you also get four for a Hold, and given the fact that closers are generally a lot more expensive, I'm not entirely sure it's worth the effort. A high-K reliever who isn't a closer - Aroldis Chapman or David Hernandez, for example - may well represent better value, though it pays to consider usage patterns. I'll probably be sticking to the D-backs for relievers, simply because I know who was used yesterday and so who'll be available today.

On offense, you don't get penalized for a strikeout - it's exactly the same as any other out (Josh Byrnes and Mark Reynolds nod approvingly...). But there doesn't seem to be an enormous premium for power either: walks are about 2/3 the value of a hit, in part because a walk doesn't count as an official at-bat, which scores -1.0 points. I note the way that prices are adjusted weekly, which gives you time to leap on board and take advantage of the hot-hand. I'll be doing so with Jason Kubel this week, an absolute steal as an outfielder for the price of 50 cents.

But that's just my thoughts. How do you put together your team?