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SBNation YouTube Channel

If you missed the initial launch, SB Nation now has its own YouTube channel, featuring a wide range of original content, covering the entire gamut of sport. This is both created by blogs, and out of the SB Nation studio in New York City. Probably the thread of most interest to fans here would Rob Neyer's Mailbag, in which the esteemed Mr. Neyer takes questions from viewers every week and breaks them down in absurd (and extremely entertaining) detail. The latest episode, just posted, can be seen below. After the jump, there's details of some of the other programs which will kill your free-time with effortless ease.

  • Bomani & Jones (All sports; opinion and commentary -- New episodes Monday and Thursday): Around the Horn contributor and known Twitter user Bomani Jones is Bomani & Jones: sketches and commentary with no excuses. Think Chapelle's Show for the internet and the sports world. Essential Viewing: Oklahoma Thunder are the Rolling Stones:
  • Full Nelson (All sports; Outside the Lines with a sense of humor -- New episodes every Wednesday): Athletes, Access, and Culture. Full Nelson takes an inside look at the most interesting stories from the world of sports in a beautiful, different, and always interesting package. Host Amy K. Nelson joined SB Nation after years of reporting for ESPN and regularly appearances on OTL and First Take andFull Nelson offers something new every week. Bonus points to Full Nelson for having the most-viewed video of our whole channel with Amy's perilous tour of a Duke bar during the Duke/UNC matchup.
  • The Sporting Gentlemen (All sports, comedy; sketches, tours, behind-the-scenes, interviews -- new episodes daily): The all-encompassing daily video series The Sporting Gentlemen, featuring Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford, features unique (read: weird and occasionally threatening) reactions to the day's biggest stories, plus remote, generally participatory segments out in the field defined primarily by a general lack of athleticism, coordination, and respect.
  • The Core of Sports (All sports, epic -- new episodes monthly): The Core of Sports is our answer to Sports Science, taking you inside the mind of elite athletes in the most cinematic way possible, such as UFC Fighter Brian Stann's Epic Training.
  • The Petey and Lomo Show (Baseball; comedy): It's our first reality show and we followed Miami Marlins players Bryan Petersen and Logan Morrison (Petey and LoMo, to the initiated) as they tried to find ways to fill the boredom that is Spring Training in South Florida. Essential viewing: Marlins Off The Hook (i.e. Master-baiters). Where's Brandon Webb when you need him?
  • News from the Studio (All sports; analysis, breakdowns, experts -- new videos every day): We're not just doing sketches... we're all over breaking news, using experts from around SB Nation to weigh in on the latest news from their respective homes, workplaces, and law offices.
  • There are also a bunch of other features, one-offs and specials covering...well, pretty much everything. For instance, if you ever wanted to know what Jon Bois looks like, here he is, discussing VVideo Games of Old: The Worst Intro Sequences of the '80s and '90s.