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Gameday Thread, #40: 5/18 vs. Royals


Joe Saunders
LHP, 2-3, 3.43


Luis Mendoza
RHP, 2-2, 4.76

Okay, so Kansas City isn't actually in Kansas. This kinda irritates me. Mind you, everything kinda irritates me, since we're getting the A/C replaced at SnakePit Towers [the previous mechanism involving captives, a system of pulleys, and fans proving inadequate], which inexplicably means it's rather hot and nasty in the house today. Still, we will be escaping later on, as we're off to see Rammstein, and the aim is to see The Avengers beforehand [matinee pricing]. At the time of writing, I therefore do not know what the line-up will be, so there will be no witty relabeling of the team, comparing them to Marvel superheroes. Please feel free to do so in the comments.

This thread will also be used to cover Trevor Bauer's first start at Reno for the Aces, which starts at 6:35 pm, so round about the middle of this one. Unless it's another four-hour, bee-invaded epic...


The team showed signs of life yesterday, particularly in the second half of the game - even if David Hernandez and J.J. Putz did their best to extinguish the tiny tendrils of hope. The Diamondbacks haven't won back-to-back games since May 1st, and so, if they can manage to do so by taking this contest, it might - just might - be an indication that the team is on the way back. Chris Young has been activated in time for this contest which should also provide a boost to the team as well. We can only hope... 'charmer is off tonight, so soco steps back to the mound, on zero days rest. If we win, he's gonna have to keep 'capping, y'know...