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Gameday Thread, #39: 5/17 vs. Rockies


Trevor Cahill
RHP, 2-4, 3.65


Juan Nicasio
RHP, 2-1, 4.65

Well, at least the Diamondbacks won't get to spoil your evening today, simply because they are playing in the afternoon. I guess that's an improvement, though we at the SnakePit accept no responsibility for the performances at Coors Field putting you off your dinner tonight. We'll see how Cahill's sinker sinks a mile up, but even in a two-game series, being swept by the Rockies would indeed taste like a mouthful of rocks.

Line-up and their batting average with runners in scoring position, after the jump

  1. .263 CF
  2. .391 SS
  3. .111 RF
  4. .375 C
  5. .242 LF
  6. .212 1B
  7. .206 3B
  8. .152 2B
    .000 P

Some surprises on that list, I think - who'd have guessed Willie Bloomquist would the clutchiest clutch hitter on the Diamondbacks right now? But there are too many there which are below .250 - significantly so, in quite a few cases - and that certainly goes some way to explaining the team's struggles. Overall, Arizona are hitting .229 with runners in scoring position, certainly a factor in their offensive struggles.