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Pick 6 T-Shirt Contest Update

Tuesday Week to date Daily Score
Player Pts
1 PR151 47.5
2 blank_38 44.4
3 Scottyyy 40.0
4 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 38.9
5 porty99 37.1
Player Pts
1 dbacksfan414 90.3
2 Scottyyy 79.6
3 PR151 79.4
4 Cardscrazy247 76.7
Player Pts
1 dbacksfan414 57.5
2 Cardscrazy247 55.7
4 PR151 47.5
5 dback4life 46.9
The many people who went with The Strasburg for yesterday's pick were likely hoping for better than four innings, with seven hits and four runs allowed. That may have depressed Tuesday's scoring overall, with no 50-point scores and only winner PR151 cracking the top five daily scores this week. They also move into third on the cumulative chart, behind Scottyyy and current leader, dbacksfan414. First pitch today is a little after 3:30pm Arizona time, so you've got a good chance to get your picks in.