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Gameday Thread, #37: 5/15 vs. Dodgers


Wade Miley
LHP, 3-1, 2.76


Chad Billingsley
RHP, 2-2, 3.32

A change to the SnakePit roster takes effect today. Due to that old standby, "external life," Marc Fournier is stepping down from his editorial responsibilities - thanks to him for his sterling work on recaps and the "Trending" pieces, during his time with the 'Pit, and we're sure he'll still pop in on occasion, as time permits. Moving up from the minors, is BattleMoses, whose first recap will be taking place this very evening. Hey, if Kevin Towers can talk about changing personnel to break the current streak, so can we on the 'Pit!

Line-up, in a similarly sarcastic vein to last night, after the jump

  1. Can't hit above eighth CF
  2. Automatic out SS
  3. Lollygagger RF
  4. Thinking about free agency C
  5. Dances Like Buffalo LF
  6. Tattooes arms, not balls 3B
  7. Past sell-by date 1B
  8. Used to be somebody 2B
  9. Pitcher

Look, I'm going to keep doing these until the team makes me stop by playing like a frickin' major-league outfit. We haven't even won two games in a row since the opening game of the Washington series, and are 2-10 since. But every journey - even the one back to .500, which should be our first target - begins with a single step. Beating Billingsley this evening would be that step.